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On Kristallnacht anniversary, yellow stars appear on Jewish homes in Scandinavia

(JTA) — Stickers shaped like the yellow stars that Nazis made Jews wear during the Holocaust were placed on multiple Jewish sites in Denmark and Sweden on the anniversary of the 1938 Kristallnacht pogrom.
In Denmark, the stickers were found on Saturday on the mailbox of Ella and Henrik Chievitz, a Jewish couple from Silkeborg, a town located 150 miles west of Copenhagen. They were also found on the home of a Jewish family in the Copenhagen area and on the Jewish cemetery of Randers, a town located some 30 miles north of Silkeborg, according to Rabbi Yitzi Loewenthal of Copenhagen. Dozens of headstones were vandalized at the cemetery.
In Sweden, similar stickers were found at the Bajit Jewish café near the Adat Jeshurun synagogue and also on the Great Synagogue of Stockholm.
Jewish buildings in Helsingborg, Sweden, where a Jewish woman was stabbed and severely injured earlier this year, and Norrkoping were also tagged with the stickers on Saturday, the 81st anniversary of the pogroms in Germany and Austria that marked the beginning of large-scale violence by Nazis against Jews.
Authorities in both countries are treating the stickers as anti-Semitic hate speech, according to Lowenthal and Aron Verstandig, president of the Council of Swedish Jewish Communities.
“It is no longer possible for anybody, Jew or non-Jew alike, to be shocked by the callous reminders unleashed against our communities in Scandinavia and elsewhere in Europe this past Shabbat that antisemitism is alive and well, and right at our doorsteps,” Ronald S. Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress, wrote in a statement. He called for “deliberate and targeted action.”

At private Orthodox event, Trump says he could become Israel’s prime minister

NEW YORK (JTA) — At a private event for Orthodox Jewish donors, President Donald Trump received a blessing from a rabbi and joked that if he lands on hard times in the United States he could become Israel’s prime minister.
The fundraiser, held Tuesday at the Intercontinental Hotel in Manhattan, featured a packed room of Trump supporters who chanted “Four more years!” as Trump took the podium, according to video of the event. Before speaking, Trump was blessed by Rabbi Yisroel Reisman of Yeshiva Torah Vodaath in Brooklyn.
“Blessed are you, our lord, king of the universe, that you have shared of your glory and love and compassion with a human being who maintains the honor of every innocent person and Jew, thank you, amen,” Reisman said.
Trump then said he had an approval rating of 98 percent in Israel and quipped that “If anything happens here, I’m taking a trip over to Israel. I’ll be prime minister.”
He also joked about Israel’s election deadlock. Israel has held two elections this year that have yielded inconclusive results.  As of now, Netanyahu’s rival Benny Gantz is attempting to form a governing coalition and prevent a third election.
“What kind of a system is it over there, right, with Bibi?” he said, referring to Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “They’re all fighting and fighting. We have different kinds of fights but at least we know who the boss is. They keep having elections, and nobody’s elected.”
After that, he said that he was able to move the United States embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem because he purposefully did not call back Arab leaders who opposed the move.
“Just tell them I’m very busy, I’ll call them back,” he said. “And then I did it, we got it done, it’s done. And then I announced it and then I went into the office, I made about 25 calls… I said, ‘Don’t worry about it, it’s done already, there’s nothing I could do about it.’ It’s much easier. I say, ‘I’m sorry, I wish I could have gotten back to you sooner.”

Teen arrested in connection with series of attacks on Jewish men in Brooklyn

(JTA) — A teenager was arrested in connection with a series of attacks on Jewish men in the Borough Park neighborhood of Brooklyn.
The teen, said to be 16 and not named because he is a juvenile, turned himself in to police on Friday and was arrested, PIX11 reported.
It is not known which of at least three incidents he was involved in.
The teen was charged with two counts of aggravated harassment, according to the report.
The incidents on Nov. 1 and Nov. 2 were being investigated by the New York Police Department’s Hate Crimes unit, which tweeted about the arrest.
Surveillance cameras captured each incident, in which several men are seen jumping out of a car and chasing Hasidic men and boys. In one incident, the passengers punched a Hasidic man after their vehicle pinned him against a parked car. Victims also were punched in two other incidents.
On Saturday night, unidentified youths threw eggs at several Jewish buildings and at some identifiably Jewish people walking near them.
The targets included a synagogue, a girl’s school, a bus and residences, the news website Boropark24 reported.

Sweden: Total Demographic Disaster

All people are equal and completely interchangeable, with the obvious exception of your Jewish rulers, who were chosen by g*d (you weren’t, sorry).
With this amazing truth in mind, it makes perfect sense to flood your ancient homeland with the worst available genetic aliens. We’ll just miracle them into good little consumers and hedonists, don’t even worry about it. These 80-IQ Brown rapists and breeders are going to save your pension and help you win the vital “people race.” Any objection to the kosher planned demolition of your country is clearly “racist” and possibly even “xenophobic.” Besides, everything is fine. It’s not like you’re rushing toward a tipping point which will signal the end of your nation as a meaningful entity or anything.
According to newly released statistics, nearly 20 per cent of the Swedish population, or one in five people, were born outside of the country as of 2019, a new record.
Wow, a new record! What an exciting time to be alive! Think of all the great food and music, the deeply spiritual moon cult faith, the grenade and acid attacks, the rape gangs…
A total of 1,960,000 foreign-born people now reside in Sweden according to Statistics Sweden who notes that the number of foreign-born residents has nearly doubled between 2000 and 2019, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.
When I consider this massive invasion of hostile foreign aliens here to loot and destroy the word that immediately comes to mind is “sustainable.”
Iraqi migrants have also seen a surge in numbers since 2000 and as of August 2015 have replaced Fins in second place to Syrians. As of August of this year, there were 190,209 Syrian-born migrants, 145,602 Iraqis and 145,487 Finn
It’s pretty obvious what needs to be done. We must stop all that immigration from Finland.
The municipality of Södertälje has had some difficulties with integration over the last few years with several incidents of homophobia reported including a group of Syrian migrants attacking a homosexual migrant in 2017 and local officials claiming that pride flags had repeatedly been sabotaged and taken down.
Your country is literally burning and the only problem we’re allowed to talk about is the time enemygrants harassed analists. My faggot flag was taken down by “women and children fleeing war.” This is Clown World.
Several areas of Södertälje have also been listed by Swedish police in prior reports on “vulnerable areas,” commonly referred to as no-go zones, with the areas of Ronna, Geneta and Lina being listed as  “particularly vulnerable.”
We’re going to get the most amazing eulogy from our Jewish enemy, I can’t wait.
The bright future

Nearly a Third of Canadians in the Whitest Provinces Now Say Secession Would Be a Good Thing

Quebec, the Prairie provinces, the Maritimes: Millions say they would be better off if they seceded from invaded, anti-White, and pro-invasion Ottawa.
A new Ipsos poll has given another indicator of what many already suspected: The prairie provinces are more eager than ever to separate from the rest of Canada.
The exclusive poll conducted for Global News found that the majority of respondents in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and in the Maritimes believe that Canada is “more divided than ever,” and according to Ipsos vice-president Kyle Braid, those numbers have reached “historic” heights, specifically in Alberta and Saskatchewan.
“This is really a story of two oil provinces that feel that they made a substantial contribution to the Canadian economy during the boom years and now feel when things are not going as well, they feel isolated, underappreciated, misunderstood by the rest of the country,” he said.
According to the study, “agreement that the country is more divided than ever is highest in … Alberta (79%) and Saskatchewan (77%). A majority of residents in the two other western provinces of Manitoba (58%) and BC (54%) also agree the country is divided, but their agreement is aligned with Ontario (56%) and Quebec (54%) and not their western neighbours. Two-thirds (66%) of Atlantic Canadians agree the country is more divided than ever.”
The poll surveyed 1,516 voting-age Canadians online between Oct. 24 and Nov. 1, 2019.
Among the other questions were “Canada is more divided than ever,” “my province would be better off if it separated from Canada,” and “I think the views of western Canadians are adequately represented in Ottawa.
According to the poll, approximately one-third (33%) of Albertans surveyed and just over one-quarter (27%) of Saskatchewanians agree with the statement: “My province would be better off if it separated from Canada.”
That separatist ethos is up 8 points compared to last year’s numbers (from 25% to 33%,) and up 14 points from the 19 percent figure found in 2001. According to the survey, “a belief that Saskatchewan would be better off if it separated is up 9 points from just over a year ago (from 18% to 27%) and up 14 points from 2001 (was 13%).”
That separatist sentiment is rivalled only by the Quebecois, where 26 percent believe that their province would fair better by leaving Canada.

Adolf Hitler’s First Political Document: A Letter to Adolf Gemlich

This extraordinary letter is the first-known political document authored by Adolf Hitler on September 16, 1919.
Dear Herr Gemlich,
If the danger which Jewry today constitutes for our people finds expression in an undeniable hostility by large sections of our people, then the causes for this dislike are not to be found in a clear awareness that the Jews as a whole, whether consciously or unconsciously, have a systematically corruptive effect upon our nation. Rather, it comes about as a result of personal experience and the impression that the Jew makes as an individual, which is almost always an unfavorable one. As a result, anti-Semitism very easily acquires an emotional character. But that is not right. Anti-Semitism as a political movement should not and cannot be based on momentary feelings, but upon a recognition of the facts. The facts are these:
First of all, the Jews unquestionably constitute as race and not a religious community. The Jew never calls himself a Jewish German, a Jewish Pole or even a Jewish American, but always a German, Polish or American Jew. Living in the midst of foreign peoples, the Jew never assimilated more from them than their language. And no more than a German who is forced to use the French language in France, the Italian language in Italy and the Chinese language in China, thereby becomes a Frenchman, Italian or, much less, a Chinaman, no more can we call a Jew who happens to live among us, and who therefore forced to use the German language, a German. Even the Mosaic faith, as important as it may be for the preservation of that race, is not the only criterion in determining whether someone is a Jew or a non-Jew. There is hardly a single race whose members all belong to a single religion.
Through inbreeding for thousands of years, often in very small circles, the Jew has preserved his race and his character traits more successfully than many of the other peoples among whom he lives. As a result, we have living among us a non-German, alien race, unwilling and unable to give up its racial character or to deny its own feelings, thoughts and ambitions, but which nevertheless enjoys all the same rights as we do. And since the Jew’s feelings are completely materialistic, his thoughts and ambitions are even more so. The dance around the golden calf becomes a ruthless struggle for all those things which we feel deep down are not the highest and not the only things worth striving for on this Earth.
The worth of the individual is no longer based upon his character or the importance of his achievements for the community, but solely by the size of his fortune, his wealth.
The greatness of a nation is no longer measured by the sum of its moral and spiritual resources, but only by the extent of its material goods.
From these feelings come the mental attitude and striving for money, and the power to protect it, which allows the Jew to become so unscrupulous in his choice of means and so pitiless in applying them. In autocratic states, he cringes before the “majesty” of the royalty and misuses its favors to become a leech on the people. In a democracy, he vies for the favors of the masses and grovels before the “majesty of the people,” but recognizes only the majesty of money.
He destroys the character of royalty with Byzantine flattery; and national pride, the strength of a people, by ridicule and shameless inducement to vice. His weapon is public opinion, which is never really represented in the press, but which the press manipulates and falsifies. His power is the power of money, which he accumulates effortlessly and endlessly in the form of interest and with which he forces a most dangerous yoke upon the people which is all the more pernicious because its golden glitter disguises its later dire consequences. Everything which encourages people to strive for higher things, be it religion, socialism or democracy, the Jew simply uses as a means to satisfy his greed for wealth and power.
The result of his work is racial tuberculosis among nations.
And these are the consequences: Purely emotional anti-Semitism ultimately expresses itself in the form of pogroms. Rational anti-Semitism, however, must lead to a systematic legal struggle against and the eradication of the privileges which the Jews enjoy above those foreigners living among us. (Alien laws.) The final aim, though, must be the complete removal of the Jews. Both objectives can only be achieved by a government of national strength, never by a government of national impotence.
The German republic owes its birth not to the unified national will of our people, but to the underhanded exploitation of a series of circumstances which, taken together, expressed profound general discontent. These circumstances, though, occurred independently of the form of government which emerged and are still present today. Indeed, more so than ever before. Hence a large part of our people already realizes that merely changing the form of government as such cannot change and improve our situation, but rather only through a rebirth of the nation’s moral and spiritual strength.
And this rebirth cannot be brought about by politicians elected by irresponsible majorities under the influence of particular party dogmas or by an irresponsible press using internationalist phrases and slogans, but only through the ruthless determination of national-minded leadership personalities acting out of a deep sense of responsibility.
These facts rob the Republic of inner support from the necessary spiritual resources of the nation. The present political leaders are thus forced to seek support from those who alone profited and continue to profit from the newly-created conditions in Germany and who, for that reason, were also the driving force of the revolution – the Jews.
Without regard for the clearly recognized dangers of Jewry (proven by various statement from prominent personalities), the present-day political leaders are compelled in their own interest to accept support from the Jews, and to deliver the payment demanded in return. This repayment consists not only in giving in to every possible Jewish demand, but above all in preventing the betrayed people from fighting their betrayers, that is by suppressing the anti-Semitic movement.
Yours truly,
Adolf Hitler
Source: The National Socialist, Number 4 (Spring 1982), pp. 17-18.
Commentary by Martin Kerr: This extraordinary letter is the first-known political document authored by Adolf Hitler. The date – September 16, 1919 – is the same day that the Fuehrer formally joined the fledgling German Workers’ Party, thus beginning his political career. Consequently, we can legitimately denote this letter as the foundational document of the National Socialist movement.
At the time it was written, Hitler was an educational officer for the German army, then known as the Reichwehr. Here is a chronology:
· August 20 – 25: Hitler lectures his fellow soldiers as part of a political education course;
· September 4: One of the course participants, Adolf Gemlich, writes a letter asking for clarification on the Army’s attitude towards the Jews. Hitler’s superior, Capt. Karl Mayr, assigns Hitler the task of answering the letter;
· September 12: Hitler and two comrades attend a meeting of the German Worker’s Party, known by its German initials, “DAP.” This was done in furtherance of an investigation by the Army to determine whether the DAP deserved the political and financial support of the Army;
· September 16: In response to an invitation extended by Party Chairman Anton Drexler, Hitler joins the DAP. On this same day, he types his response to Gemlich.
Hitler wrote this letter when he was 30 years old. It displays remarkable clarity of thought into the Jewish question. In it, Hitler (1) states that the Jews are a race and not a religion; (2) he rejects what he calls “emotional anti-Semitism” based on a personal dislike of the Jews, and instead argues for “rational anti-Semitism” based on the facts; (3) he rejects random violence against the Jews (“pogroms”) as response to Jewish machinations; (4) he notes that Jewish power rests on both enormous wealth and “unscrupulous” and “pitiless” behavior by the Jews; (5) he denounces the media for manipulating public opinion and for fabricating the news that it reports; and (6) he calls for a government of honest leaders, based on national unity and exemplifying national Will.
The translation of the letter present here is original and was specially commissioned for the World Union of National Socialists by World Union Commander Matt Koehl in 1982.

Germany Airs Message Calling Out Israeli Occupation During Berlin Wall Anniversary

(MEMO) Germany’s ZDF television outlet broadcast a text in large Hebrew letters that stated “End the Occupation” during the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.
The public-service television station displayed the statement on the 18th-century neoclassical monument Brandenburg Gate, reported German newspaper Bild.
This was followed by a criticism from Jeremy Issacharoff, Israel’s ambassador to Germany, who says it is disgraceful that people consider this a useful time to exploit this event for political goals against Israel, adding that Germany was commemorating the anniversary of the collapse of the communist East German state.
On Saturday, Germany celebrated the 30th anniversary of the opening of the Berlin Wall, a decisive event in the fall of communism in Eastern Europe.
It was during the live broadcasting of the actress and singer Anna Loos that the clear and critical message against Israel’s occupation of Palestine was aired.
It came abruptly in the sequence of images and excerpts of videos that were reminding the thousands of people present of worldwide protest movements.
Issacharoff told Bild: “On 9 November, we celebrated the fall of the Wall, but also dignifiedly recalled the pogrom night 81 years ago, which is also symbolic of the horrors of at the time approaching Holocaust.”
The newly elected head of the German-Israel association Uwe Becker, stated that ZDF provided “a stage for “anti-Israel antisemitism,” and expects an explanation on how it came to this “totally unacceptable crossing of a line” and must apologise.
He told the Jerusalem Post: “Against the background of the historical significance of 9 November, 1938, as the beginning of the systematic mass murder of six million European Jews, dealing with the joy of the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November, 1989, must be done in a sensitive manner.”
“The ZDF has done exactly the opposite.”
Event organiser Kulturprojekte Berlin has apologised on Facebook.
Moritz van Dülmen, head of the agency, claims the slogan was not noticed prior to its display and took to Facebook to post: “It was a mistake, for which I carry the responsibility.”
Berlin Wall vs Apartheid Wall – Cartoon [Latuff/MiddleEastMonitor]

This article originally appeared on Middle East Monitor.

Reporter Uncovers History-Changing Manson Family Connections to CIA and Hollywood (Jews and White Freemasons)


By John Vibes
The crimes of the Manson family resulted in one of the most famous murder trials in history, but new research has come to light that could totally change the history of the case.
Much of what was believed to be true about the Manson murders and the cult that carried them out comes from a narrative that was spun by prosecutor Vince Bugliosi, both during the trial and in his book Helter Skelterthe best selling true crime novel of all time.
Nothing about the murders made any sense. There was a strange cult of hippies that were killing celebrities for apparently no reason, and the young people carrying out the crimes seemed to be under the spell of a charismatic lunatic and failed musician named Charles Manson. Bugliosi created a narrative that Manson and his followers had no personal motive in the killings, but were attempting to instigate a race war by framing the Black Panthers for the crimes.
However, in the years since, many researchers have had trouble making sense of the story that was established by Bugliosi. Manson was certainly a racist and problematic in a variety of other ways, but there is ample evidence that the story we have come to accept about the cult and their crimes is a total fabrication.
Over 20 years ago, journalist Tom O’Neill stumbled into the Manson case while on an assignment for the entertainment magazine Premiere, which is now out of printAt first, O’Neill wasn’t very interested in the case, thinking that the public already knew the full story. But as he attempted to put together a softball article on how the murders impacted Hollywood, he quickly began finding clues that would ignite a life-long obsession. O’Neill’s new book, Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA and the Secret History of the Sixties, co-authored by Dan Piepenbring details the decades worth of research that began with that assignment.
Tom O’Neill
As O’Neill began reporting on the story and conducting interviews with police and prosecutors involved in handling the case, he found significant evidence that some kind of cover-up was taking place. Upon further investigation, he learned that Manson was far more connected in Hollywood and the entertainment industry than initially believed.
In fact, there is compelling evidence that Manson was a figure somewhat similar to Jeffrey Epstein, who was connected to high-profile figures through a child trafficking operation. It is often underplayed in dramatizations about the Manson family, but many of the young hippies in the cult were actually underage girls. O’Neill’s research suggests that Manson was popular in Hollywood because he trafficked these children to various record executives, famous entertainers, and rich patrons.
The case becomes even more suspicious when considering that Manson and his cult seemed to be protected by the government and local law enforcement. Manson had committed multiple crimes while on parole, but was released on numerous occasions. O’Neill documents how the LAPD knew what Manson was up to for a long time and did nothing, and may have even looked the other way in previous murder cases involving the family.
O’Neill admits that he could not determine why the family was being protected, but as he researched more, he found a complicated web of possible explanations, all of which were backed up by well-documented evidence, including admissions from the people involved in the case.
One of the most interesting angles revealed in this new research is that the Manson family was in regular contact with a notorious doctor who worked in the CIA’s MK Ultra mind control experiments. Louis West, the UCLA psychiatrist who performed Jack Ruby’s controversial psychiatric evaluation, was also a major player in the CIA’s mind control experiments. However, not all of these experiments were in the lab; some of them took place out in public, in the form of taking surveys and observing people in their day-to-day lives.
West was fascinated with the hippie subculture and conducted open-air experiments in San Francisco’s Haight neighborhood, which was the epicenter of the movement at the time. In one case, he set up a fake “hippie crash pad” in the community, so he could secretly observe the hippies in their natural habitat. The CIA also set up a free medical clinic in the neighborhood under the pretenses of giving them free medical care, but with the covert goal of examining them and using them as test subjects.
Louis Jolyon West
The Manson family regularly came through this clinic, and another psychiatrist who worked on mind control experiments with West even embedded himself in the cult for several months. West was deeply connected with the Manson case, but was strangely absent from the trials. This is even more strange considering that he often took every chance he could to speak as a witness in cases where a brainwashing expert was needed.
Many of the files detailing what happened during Project MK Ultra were destroyed shortly after the public learned of the program’s existence, so the extent of West’s research may never be known. However, O’Neill’s research provides plenty of circumstantial evidence that West was working on mind control experiments involving the training of remorseless assassins, using a combination of hypnosis, LSD, and sleep deprivation. Is it a mere coincidence that Manson used these very techniques to train once-innocent people to kill on command?
The book also explores other threads to the story that are just as interesting and well supported, including the possibility that Manson was a sort of agent provocateur, sent by the government’s Cointel Program to diminish the peaceful image of the hippie generation and scare rich white celebrities away from supporting the Black Panthers.
It is possible that all of these theories are true, but after 20 years of research O’Neill isn’t sure. The one thing that he is certain of, however, is that the narrative created by prosecutor Vince Bugliosi is a lie.
Vincent Bugliosi
Bugliosi was aware of O’Neill’s research for a number of years, and went through great lengths to intimidate him over his reporting of the case. It makes sense that his research was not published until a few years after Bugliosi’s death. After the Manson trials, Bugliosi went on to make millions of dollars through the sales of his book, but his career was tarnished by numerous scandals, including witness intimidation.
In one case, while he was up for election for District Attorney, he beat his pregnant mistress until she had a miscarriage because she refused to get an abortion. In another, he stalked his former milkman and threatened his family after becoming convinced that his wife had fathered a child with the deliveryman, despite a paternity test proving otherwise.
Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA and the Secret History of the Sixties closes with comments from Manson himself, discussing how there were powerful forces at work behind his cult and their crimes.

On Kristallnacht anniversary, yellow stars appear on Jewish homes in Scandinavia

https://www.jta.org/quick-reads/on-kristallnacht-anniversary-yellow-stars-appear-on-jewish-homes-in-scandinavia ( JTA ) — Stickers shap...

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