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Jews Are Really Behind The “Nazi Flag Incident” In Australia
A story out of The Age website that broke 13 January 2020 states “Couple flies Nazi flag over Victorian home.”A couple, stating to be German, have been flying a National Socialist German flag on their private property for several weeks. Their residence is located in the Mallee town of Beulah, part of north-west Victoria. It is reported that several complaints have been filed by neighbors and the flying of the flag has sparked a furor among politicians and the Anti-Defamation Commission. If you do a web search you will see that the story has been picked up by several online news sources. When contacted by The Age, home owner Cheryl Lawdorn, who bought the house with her partner last year, defended her right to fly the flag over her own home because of her German ancestry. This incident seems just a little too convenient to me and has set off my Jewdar. The chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission…

Canadian National Socialist Arrested for “Violent, Racist” Videos

A former Canadian reservist arrested in the United States last week had recorded a video calling for “violent revolution,” according to a transcript, reports. The video was among several featuring Patrik Jordan Mathews found by police during a covert search of his Delaware hideout last December. Wearing a gas mask to disguise his voice, Mathews allegedly spoke about fleeing to the U.S. after his involvement in National Socialist patriotism became publicly known. "He also espoused racism, violence and anti-Semitism" in the videos, prosecutors alleged. “The time for talk has ended,” he said in one of the videos, according to a transcript filed in U.S. District Court in Maryland to bolster his continued detention while he awaits trial. “Derail some f–king trains, kill some people, and poison some water,” he said. “If you want the white race to survive, yo…

National Socialism – The Struggle for a Higher Cause

Sebastian Elofsson explains how the National Socialist cause is a struggle for higher values. (Nordic Resistance Movement) Deep inside, every one of us knows that something is not right in society and that there is something missing. Some perceive it as a strange feeling of emptiness and coldness. This sensation gnaws inside us constantly, night and day, without end. It is a feeling we would like to remedy, but how would we do it? And why do we have this feeling inside us? Our inner voice says that everything should be different, that we should act differently. We live in a world defined by a material way of thinking, a society marked by excessive consumerism born from materialism. A world and society where money, power and egoism rule. The hunt for money, sex (with no productive purpose) and entertainment has even gone so far that today it is all we care about. We consume more resources…

The Proud League of German Girls – Bund Deutscher Madel (BDM)
The League of German Girls or Band of German Maidens (German: Bund Deutscher Mädel, abbreviated as BDM) was the wing of the Hitler Youth dedicated to German girls. Bitchute link

Brazil’s culture minister fired for giving a speech that used excerpts of one by the Nazi Goebbels
RIO DE JANEIRO (JTA) — Brazil’s culture minister was ousted after sparking outrage across Latin America’s largest nation for paraphrasing a speech by Nazi Germany’s propaganda mastermind. In a now-deleted video revealing the National Arts Awards posted on the ministry’s Twitter page on Thursday, Roberto Alvim used excerpts of a speech by Joseph Goebbels, but he later called it a “rhetorical coincidence.” Richard Wagner, one of Adolf Hitler’s favorite composers who is commonly associated with German nationalism, played in the background. “I reiterate our rejection of totalitarian and genocidal ideologies, as well as any kind of explanation for them. We also express our full and unrestricted support for the Jewish community, of which we are friends and share common values,” Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said Friday after firing Alvim. “Emulating Goebbels…

The Most Heartless War Crime Ever Committed: When the Soviets Sank a German Refugee Ship Full of Children

The deliberate sinking of this refugee ship filled with innocent german women and children remains not only the worst nautical disaster in world history but one of the most heartless and sadistic war crimes ever committed.  For millions of Germans cut off on the Baltic coast by the rapid Red Army advance, only one avenue of escape remained open - the sea. Even here, however, Soviet aircraft controlled the skies above and submarines prowled unseen below. In the various ports along the coast, thousands upon thousands of ragged, frozen refugees pressed to the water’s edge in hopes of landing a spot on one of the few vessels available. The numbers were so great and the fear so consuming that efforts to board when ships did dock often resembled riots. “The crush to get on board was just terrible,” a witness wrote from Pillau. “I saw a pram …

German Soldiers of World War II: Why They Were the Best, and Why They Still Lost

The German soldiers of World War II have often been portrayed, both during the war and in the decades since, as simple-minded, unimaginative and brutish. But throughout the war, the German soldiers’ performance remained unequaled. Their enemies never matched their extraordinary professionalism. (IHR) Hollywood movies and popular U.S. television shows have for years contrasted confident, able and “cool” American GIs with slow-witted, cynical and cruel Germans. “Propaganda is an inescapable ingredient of modern conflict,” British journalist and historian Max Hastings has noted. “In the Second World War, it was considered essential for the struggle to defeat the German army that the peoples of the Grand [Allied] Alliance should be convinced of the qualitative superiority of their fighting men to those of the enemy. One [American] dogface or one [British] tommy wa…

Berlin Before National Socialism
Weimar Germany is often celebrated by the jews as the golden era of sexual and artistic “freedom”, but in reality it was a cess pit of degeneracy. Bitchute