Thursday, January 6, 2022

TruNews (Jews, White Freemasons, White Idiots) Now Has “New Zion Assembly” with a Menorah Logo 

Remember those “based” Christians from TruNews? They told us all about the “jew coup” against ZOG emperor Donald Trump, and so many people were lapping it up.

I have covered this Christ-insane organization before.

I have not really been keeping any tabs on them recently, until I saw a menorah on the sidebar of Gab, where a video for the “New Zion Assembly” was being promoted. It was our old pals at TruNews!

Don’t you just love that cross coming out of the menorah? It really just screams judeo-Christian! These are the “real” Israelites, proudly displaying their menorah and their love for rabbi Yeshuah.

We have a lot of Christian apologists who frequent the site and let me know how much they despise what I am doing here, but honestly, I despise what Christianity has been doing to my people for thousands of years, which is turning Whites into jews!

TruNews is really just TruJews and they have slowly shifted things to have their followers now consider themselves Zionists and Israelites, all while embracing the menorah as their symbol. This is the epitome of sick, semitic subversion, no matter how much some people try to argue otherwise.

 rabbi Rick Wiles knows exactly what he is doing, as do all the other Christian “nationalists” out there, trying to lure young White people back into the “tradition” of Christianity, which is an alien religion forced onto our people long ago.

If we are ever to break free from being jewish control, we first need to throw off all the things that have been put in place to enslave our minds, which most certainly includes Christianity.

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