Thursday, January 6, 2022

Chinese Communists Are Funding Steve Bannon, Gettr, and Likely Nick Fuentes, David Duke, Daily Stormer, and Others

 I have not been paying too much attention to the MAGA crowd now that their ZOG emperor has fallen from grace, but they are still going strong on a number of social networks and have big plans for the elections in 2022 and 2024. While many of these guys may rail against the “ChiComs” and “Beijing Biden”, many of their leading figures are actually in bed with the red dragon.

For example, let’s take a look at Guo Wengui, the obvious CCP agent behind Gettr and funder of Steve Bannon.

Could it be that a number of outlets that purport to be for “nationalists” are actually on the payroll of the CCP, like Steve Bannon? I am not saying they might not also be getting checks from our other “greatest allies” in Tel Aviv, Brooklyn, or wherever, but that these shills are definitely all on the same page regarding red China

Let’s have a look at how other figures within the “right wing” have also celebrated Chinese communism.

Here’s Nick Fuentes salivating over the supposedly inevitable day that the US is defeated and then owned by China.

The day that China owns this country… I pray on it. We want that to happen. It would be better for us.

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Remember how jubilant Mark Collett was thinking about the day when China destroys America?

Now we turn to David Duke, who is a Stalin apologist, for more China shilling.

The above video was made by the Fascifist, who we have already exposed here. He also did a video with a thumbnail putting Xi Jinping as the successor to Adolf Hitler.

Posting Xi’s address to the Chinese people he rules over as if he is some glorious leader for our cause? This is really some great China hasbara!

Here’s National Bolshevik Keith Woods (who is still allowed on jewTube), talking about how China is actually a nationalist state, and not at all Marxist-Leninist.


A look at the ideology of the modern Chinese state – how Mao’s death and the rise of Deng Xiaoping led to a rejection of Marxism-Leninism and the transformation of China into a corporatist, nationalist state.

Now for perhaps the worst China shill of them all, Andrew Anglin. This midget may like the Chinese because he at least gets to feel like he has an average height when around them, but more likely he is getting paid big bucks for his CCP shilling. Could this be where some of his big bitcoin donations came from?

Almost every day the Daily Stormer runs articles about how China is really our greatest ally, and totally not really Communist. The following comes from Anglin’s “short book” on the subject.

As I’ve written about before, China is not a “communist country.” The average Chinese person knows nothing about Marxism. They have a very free market (much more free than America’s), where small business is encouraged. As I’ve written before, the fact that it is even called “The Communist Party” in English is sort of deceitful, and an exploitation of the fact that Westerners know nothing about China or its culture, including the total difference of the nature of their language. “中国共产党” is translated as “communist party” consistently, yet a direct translation, as it would be spoken in Chinese, would be something like “The Party of People Working Together to be Productive.” That’s how Chinese people view it. Even with their supposed “communist” connections to Southeast Asian countries, they frame it as a historical cultural connection, rather than one based on a political system designed by a German Jew in London in the 19th century.

If you asked a working class Chinese person why China, Laos, and Vietnam all use the hammer and sickle, they would say something like: “this is the symbol of Asia people,” and laugh and point at their eyes, then say “eat rice, eat noodle,” and laugh again. A more educated Chinese person might be vaguely aware of the history, but would claim that no foreigner ever influenced China in any way, ever, in all of history: “we make a big, strong wall. Cannot allow.”

Under Emperor Xi, China has become increasingly more traditional, and backing away from the kind of modernism that had been encroaching. He is attempting to reestablish a form of Confucianism.

This is the same type of argument presented by Keith Woods.

In his massive article praising China, Anglin refuses to cover all of the jews who controlled China through the opium trade, Sassoons and Kadoories.

Anglin definitely does not mention all of the jews who were instrumental in bringing Communism to China, which I covered extensively in a show. Instead Anglin just wants us to think about our glorious future living under the rule of the CCP.

The point is: everything is probably all going to work out. The ZOG empire is going to collapse, and the world is going to then be controlled by a Chinese merchant network, where the concept of “empire” is based on trade rather than military strength. White people will be fine in such a situation. Certainly a lot better than we are now, under these Jews.

Why are supposed “pro-Whites” and “right wingers” fantasizing about the day when we are ruled by Chinese men waving the hammer and sickle? What kind of dream is that?

As for all the real people, it’s our nightmare.

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