Saturday, December 4, 2021

Ukranian Nationalists Attack Gay Bar While Shouting “White Power”

A gay bar in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv was attacked after a patriotic group on social media said it would begin targeting "drug dens," which means LGBTQ+ supremacists in local slang.

Camera footage posted on YouTube by the Kyiv Dispatch shows about 20 men in dark clothes in front of the bar as they attempt to make their way in, however, security guards are shown preventing them from doing so.

The nationalists bombarded the bar while shouting “white power” and “death to faggots,” according to the Russian state-funded news outlet RT.

They broke the bar’s windows, threw furniture, and even threw tear gas, according to media reports. Those inside the bar took footage of the attack and posted it to social media.

About 12 men were detained afterward, according to the Ukrainian outlet The Village. The patriotic activists are alleged to have violated the country’s “anti-hooliganism” law.

In early November more than a hundred people came to this gay bar mentioned above and chanted anti-fag slurs in front of the bar. A nationalist Telegram channel has even begun arranging drug raids on bars that happen to be fag-friendly, reports the Kyiv Dispatch.

Attacks on homosexual nightlife aren’t new, according to Olena Shevchenko, chair of the Ukrainian LGBTQ+ supremacist group Insight. She said that nationalist groups have been hunting fags for the last two years. Shevchenko says police do nothing, so the groups attack.

Ukraine has little acceptance of “LGBTQ+ people”, like its western neighbor Hungary. 

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