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Patriot Front (White Idiots) Is The Same Group That Was Shouting “White Sharia Now” with Jewish Supremacist James Fields at Charlottesville

 Many people are wondering what this Patriot Front group is all about after they had 100+ men marching through DC in uniform. In order to understand that, we have to go back to their origins.

When the whole Unite the Right debacle (PsyOp) happened, I was wondering who in the world these “Vanguard America” guys were. I knew most of the other groups, and given what I knew about them and their controlled opposition leadership, I had been warning people not to attend. However, I had never seen anything about these guys in white polo shirts with fasces on their shields. What I saw from the event was all I needed to know, though.

Here is Vanguard America shouting “WHITE SHARIA NOW!”

Equating White rights with Islamic terrorism is good optics, apparently.

Vanguard America was very adamant in their stance that any woman who thinks she has rights (ie, a feminist) should be murdered.

After reading the Daily Stormer for years, they decided threatening to kidnap and murder females was a path to victory for the White race.

With Vanguard America at the Unite the Right rally was admitted mischling jew James Fields.

James Fields would supposedly go on to knock the shoes off of a great number of leftists with his car and cause a fat woman who witnessed the event (but did not get hit) to have a heart attack.

It was very fortunate that there were photographers with HD cameras on hand to capture the shoes flying from people’s feet, so that we could have proof of the carnage. If there’s one thing Holocaust museums have taught me, it’s that seeing shoes without feet in them is proof that death has occurred. Based Faith Goldy(berg) was even on scene to document the event.

Note the license plate on the car. Isn’t it strange that he had GVF 1111 and his jewish mother, Samantha Bloom, had GVF 1122?

When in the world do family members get license plates that are so similar, without them being vanity plates or government issued? Can you name one instance? Also, why wouldn’t the wheelchair-bound mother have any handicapped icon on the license plate?

It’s also quite interesting that James Fields would get a racing stripe right down the middle of his Dodge Challenger for the day. No stripe here:

Stripe here:

Look at it closely. That was not a stripe that Fields decided would look cool, so he slapped it on his car.

This was obviously a stunt car and the people involved were taking part in a PsyOp.

You can even see these “leftists” directing people to move into position in advance of the “attack.”

At the time of the event, there were a number of high-profile “Islamic terror attacks” taking place in Europe, where supposed jihadis would ram into a crowd of people with their cars or trucks, like in Nice and Berlin in 2016. A couple weeks after Unite the Right, there was a big “vehicular terror attack” in Barcelona.

The whole entire PsyOp was intended to paint pro-Whites as akin to (or even worse than) the Muslim terrorists that we have been made to fear ever since jews pulled off 9/11. Yet the majority of the “White nationalist movement” bought the story, hook, line and sinker, and decided to go all-in defending James Fields, insisting that he was just trying to protect himself from the violent leftists, never even questioning whether or not the event was real.

In the aftermath of the “White sharia terror attack,” there was a massive crackdown on anything that was even remotely pro-White, with Charlottesville being used as a justification for it all.

Vanguard America claimed James Fields had just come up and grabbed a shield, and had nothing to do with the group. They then proceeded to change their identity. The following is from Wikipedia, which is not a reliable source, but the facts documented here are not in question:

The Patriot Front is led by Thomas Ryan Rousseau, who was a teenager at the time he founded the group. Rousseau had taken control of Vanguard America’s web server and Discord channel several weeks prior to the Unite the Right rally, which Rousseau had participated in as the leader of Vanguard America’s contingent. Following the bad press arising from the rally, Rousseau left Vanguard. He used the group’s domain name to form the Patriot Front as an ostensibly new group, and recruit rally participants, although most of the Patriot Front’s members were former Vanguard members.

The name-switch was just rebranding. They had the same leadership and the same members. Patriot Front would become known for doing banner drops, fliers, and stickers, all of which used very generic and vague messaging, usually just promoting their website.

Then on December 4th, they decided to have a show of strength.

Patriot Front marched through DC, with most members wearing white gaiters to hide their identities, and then they were hauled off in groups by U-Hauls, while the police escorted them to safety.

Many people started wondering who these guys were, not knowing their back story, but they instantly assumed they were feds. However, the group does have a big group of supporters on places like Gab, who insist that if you question Patriot Front, you’re actually the fed and you’re trying to “divide and conquer” the movement.

Snopes has even gotten in on the act, trying to convince people that this really was a group of dangerous White supremacists.

Just remember that Patriot Front was the same mysterious group to pop up at Unite the Right, shout “White Sharia Now!” and then have one of their “unofficial” members commit a staged Islamic-style terror attack in order to demonize real pro-Whites. Those are just the facts, and they cannot be argued.

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