Thursday, December 30, 2021

German Police Arrested National Socialist Man Who Called for Help

Police in eastern Germany said that a call from an intoxicated man led them to a “stash of weapons” and an “altar-like collection” of National Socialist memorabilia including pictures of Adolf Hitler.

Officers went to the 53-year-old man’s apartment in Limbach-Oberfrohna, near the city of Chemnitz, after he called police asking for help and leaving a “confused impression,” AP reported.

They found a collection including knives and bullets and an “altar-like decoration” of objects in the living room, with pictures and symbols from the National Socialist era, including those of Hitler.

Police said in a statement that the German man was taken to a hospital, and then his apartment searched in the owner’s presence the following day on suspicion of violations of weapons laws. They seized a cartridge belt, brass knuckles and three knives among other things.

The man “voluntarily gave up” other objects that weren’t “criminally relevant,” as well as National Socialist-related material, police said. They were investigating where the weapons came from and said the man had no record of related offenses.

Earlier this year, authorities in Germany said that the number of “far-right extremists” in the country increased in 2020, as National Socialists sought to join protests against pandemic-related restrictions.

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said authorities counted 33,300 “far-right extremists” in 2020, an increase of almost 4 percent from the previous year.

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