Friday, October 22, 2021

NYC Removes Thomas Jefferson Statue From City Hall and Declares Racism a Public Health Crisis

 I am cramming two stories in here, since it is hard to keep up with the anti-White insanity these days.

First up, Thomas Jefferson is coming down in NYC’s City Hall because he was a White supremacist, just like all of the country’s founding fathers, who need to be cancelled and have their likenesses removed from all public places.

From CBS New York:

The Thomas Jefferson statue at City Hall has been the source of an ongoing debate. On Monday, a city panel voted to remove it, CBS2’s Kevin Rincon reported. The 7-foot statue has been at City Hall since 1834. For the last 20 years there’s been an effort to get it removed, an effort led by Assemblymen Charles Barron and his wife, Councilwoman Inez Barron. “When we remove this statue, we’re making a step in the right direction for erasing honoring of those who murdered and raped us,” Charles Barron said.

Can White Americans stop honoring the black criminals who have murdered and raped us for over 150 years since Reconstruction began? Seriously, this guy wants to talk about rape and murder? I have some crime statistic I would like to show him. Perhaps I can present a slideshow at the next City Hall meeting?

In order to protect the public from being oppressed by a statue, it looks like they will just be hiding the Jefferson statue away somewhere, though they don’t yet know where.

There was an agreement to get that statue out of the Council chambers, but the commission will need some time to figure out what to do next. It said it’ll make a decision on where to move it by the end of the year.

With the third president of the US now relegated to a broom closet, we can really focus on fixing NYC, and we all know the biggest threat to New Yorkers is racism! White racism is so bad that it has now been declared a public health crisis.

From CBS New York:

Racism is now officially a public health crisis in New York City. Monday, the city’s Board of Health passed a resolution recognizing the impact of racism on people’s health during the pandemic, which magnified inequities in communities of color.

Yup, in a city where black and hispanic crime runs rampant, many shops and restaurants have permanently closed due to government actions, and everyone is required to get the deadly COVID clot shot, they are pointing the finger at Whitey for the ill health of the populace.

I am actually surprised it has taken this long for jew York City to recognize the existential threat White supremacy poses to the big apple. The jewess in charge of the CDC already declared racism a public health crisis back in May!

As of August, 84 cities and counties in America had also declared racism a public health crisis.

So what does this even mean? Well, they probably just want to put White people who don’t hate themselves in concentration camps to quarantine the racism.

The anti-White agenda is ramping up to a fever pitch. They are waging an all-out war against White people, who are still either in denial or in complete defensive posturing, doing everything possible to not seem “racist”. We should not care what genocidal psychopaths think of us. We must stop White genocide at all costs.

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