Friday, September 10, 2021

Miss England and Miss Ireland Are Both Black This Year

 I do not really care for beauty pageants. Despite always appreciating beautiful women, the contests never held any appeal for me. However, once upon a time, actual beautiful women would be the winners. Now we have trannies and affirmative action contestants winning competitions, showing just how rigged these contests truly are.

Miss England 2021 is Rehemia Muthamia and Miss Ireland 2021 is Pamela Uba. We are supposed to believe that these two women are far more beautiful than the indigenous women of my ancestral islands? This is absolute rubbish.

This agenda has been playing in beauty pageants across the Western world.

We are supposed to celebrate White women being kicked to the curbs as some great feat of “progress.”

Over in India, where there are actually a lot of dark people, recent finalists were all relatively fair-skinned, which caused an uproar.

Now it is not just enough to not be White, you also have to be very dark in order to be “beautiful” apparently.

White women are the most beautiful creations in the world. Some might say this is subjective, but I would say this is an objective fact that has been demonstrated through time. Just do an actual poll of men from various parts of the world and you will see this is true, no matter how much the mass media and beauty contest judges try to skew reality.

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