Friday, September 10, 2021

Cambridge U. to Install Signs Explaining the ‘Whiteness’ of its Roman and Greek Statues

 Cambridge University, which was once considered a prestigious institution of higher learning, has decided it needs to contextualize the “Whiteness” of the statues in its Archaeological Museum. Apparently some students were feeling a little uneasy being surrounded by so much White culture, and the University wants people to know that the statues give a “misleading impression” that the ancient world lacked diversity.

The UK Express reports:

The Classics Faculty has insisted it will “turn the problem into an opportunity” through drawing attention to the diversity of those figured in the casts. It will do this by looking at the ways in which colour has been lost and can be restored, and to the “role of classical sculpture in the history of racism.” The faculty has said the new information panels around the “whiteness” of plaster cast sculptures are due to go on display later this year.

So they are literally apologizing for the sculptures being white in color? It sounds like the university might be looking to turn some of these statues into brown and black figures, which would be horribly inaccurate. Color has already been restored to many statues from the ancient world, and it makes them look even more Aryan!

I do not claim that there was not “diversity” in the Roman Empire, which extended far and wide, including North Africa, but most of the sculptures they made were of their society’s elite elements and gods, which were White.

Apparently the Classics Department at Cambridge has been hit with other accusations of “racism” and this move is just one of the ways the university is seeking to address this “problem”.

American Thinker notes:

The classics faculty responded with a statement of plans to address the accusations of racism. It will erect signs to explain the whiteness of the plaster casts. Faculty will be encouraged to include content warnings in course materials, lectures and readings. Tutors will receive training on how to discuss sensitive issues, even if they are uncomfortable. The present proposal is that all members of the classics faculty should be given implicit bias training every three years, and their teaching should be monitored.

The anti-White agenda at universities gets more and more obvious and absurd with every passing year.

Info sourced from The College Fix.

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