Monday, September 13, 2021

Auction House in Canada Ends Sale of National Socialist Items after Jewish Supremacist Attacks

 After concerns were raised by a local Jewish supremacist organization, a Vernon, British Columbia, auction house has ended the planned sale of some National Socialist paraphernalia.

The Okanagan Jewish Community Centre was worried some "Nazi items" placed for sale online with Dodds Auction house would be purchased by a "neo-Nazi", Global News Canada reported.

"My concern is that it will go into the wrong hands and it will incite hatred or violence, actually, in the Okanagan," said community centre president Steven Finkleman.

"I can imagine, as a worst-case scenario, that there may be some Nazi sympathizers — I think there are some everywhere — and they purchase these objects and use them to incite within them — or perhaps even within a group — hatred or racist issues."

Dodds Auction had posted a number of items, including posters, swastika pins, and pictures of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini for sale in an online auction.

The business said the items came from a Second World War soldier who had fought against the Germans. The items were being liquidated by the collector’s son.

The Jews was hoping the business would cancel the sale — and it did.

The auction house owner told Global News Canada that the business didn’t realize the sale would "upset people".

Not wanting to get into conflict with Jews, the owner said the auction opted to take the items down and give them back to the consigner.

"I would like that owner to donate these historical items to a museum, such as the one in Berlin or any other museum that does document the course of the Holocaust, whether that’s in Israel or the large museum in Washington, D.C.," Finkleman said. 

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