Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Jewish Professor Claims Math and Science Classes Are Hotbeds of White Supremacy

 I was taking a look around for the latest in educational insanity when I came across Deborah Loewenberg Ball, who is a professor at the University of Michigan. She is a mathematics professor who claims that math and science classes are racist. Her name, picture, and anti-White ideology prompted me to do a little digging and, sure enough, it appears professor Ball is “chosen.”

From her 28 page CV

Campus Reform (which shills for Israel) reports:

Deborah Ball, a mathematics professor at the University of Michigan, argued in a podcast that the discipline inflicts racism against Black and Latino students. On Jul 21, Ball appeared on an episode of the Ed Fix Podcast titled “Fighting Racism with Mathematics” to make her case. Ball said on the podcast that mathematics is “dominated by Whiteness and racism.” She also expressed frustration at her mathematics and science colleagues. whom she described as resistant to her ideas that the disciplines are just as subjective in interpretation and analysis as the humanities.

Let’s take a look at some good quotes from the podcast:

It’s difficult to figure out how to surface and unpack the ways that mathematics, for example is a harbor for whiteness.”

It is difficult to figure why math is racist because is a concrete subject, with right and wrong answers, and some non-Whites have a hard time getting the right answers. Since we are all supposed to be equal, jewish professors like Debbie have to invent reasons for discrepancies in mathematical achievements.

In Debbie’s mind, mathematics is represented as a “Whites only” club, which deters Tyrone and Laquisha from becoming mathematicians.

Mathematics, despite the way we represent it, is something that many cultures and communities have created and there are people, scholars in our country, and teachers who have exploited opportunities to broaden kids’ views of mathematics.”

The “pandemic” is being used as a great opportunity by people like Debbie to re-vamp curriculum and turn everything completely anti-White, including hard sciences.

As districts emerge from the quarantine of the last year, the plans for a safe return to school must take a fuller view of the safety needed to dismantle anti-Blackness and white supremacy in our educational systems.”

She is currently teaching “ED 469: Foundational Perspectives on Education Reform” and her syllabus asks of students, “How does education reform look across time in the evolution of U.S. education? How does reform reproduce larger structural and historical racism, sexism, and other patterns of exclusion and power, and (how) can it challenge and disrupt such structures?” Campus Reform reports that the syllabus mentions “racism” or “racism” 17 times, “equity” or “inequity” 10 times, and “marginalization” or “marginalized” 3 times.

Although clearly an anti-White zealot, this woman is actually a well-respected academic. According to Campus Reform, she was previously the dean of the University of Michigan School of Education, president of the American Educational Research Association, and member of the National Science Board.

Debbie Ball is just one professor amongst many that are intent on indoctrinating students with anti-White racism at every possible opportunity.

Do your children a favor and remove them from public schools and discourage them from seeking “higher education,” where they will be taught to hate themselves.

It is up to us to “challenge and disrupt” the structures of these anti-White academics. Our children are depending on us. We must stop White genocide.

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