Thursday, July 29, 2021

Penn State Professor Tells White Student Because He Is Breathing He May Be Oppressing Others

Sam Richards teaches “SOC119: Race and Ethnic Relations” at Penn State University, which is a class with over 700 students. During one of the classes, Richards brings on two White students to berate them and make them feel guilty. It is pretty hard to watch to be honest, and the whole thing contains loads of anti-White drivel, but the real whammy comes when Richards tells White student Brian that just by breathing and leaving his house, Brian has likely oppressed poor non-White victims.

Richards asks Brian: “Who have you oppressed today?”

“I haven’t oppressed anyone today,” says Brian.

“Are you sure of that, dude? You’re breathing. Have you left your house today?,” replies Richards.

“Yes,” Brian says.

“Okay, so you may have oppressed somebody,” Richards concludes.

The interaction comes right before the 7 minute mark:

This is the same professor we have covered before, whose whole shtick is about how dumb White people are.

In other lectures Richards has talked about White women not being attracted to Asian men due to White supremacy and told a White student to point to the darkest person in the class, in order to be as edgy and provocative as possible.

Penn State would not tolerate any other racial group being singled out and targeted in this way. What would happen if Richards were berating Arabs, Asians, Blacks, or G-d forbid, the Chosenites in such a manner? They would call him a White supremacist and fire him immediately. However, since the jewish supremacists ruling our world have decided to go full steam ahead with their White genocide agenda, this kind of class is 100% kosher.

Penn State told Fox News that they support Richards calling all White people dumb oppressors.

Professor Richards purposefully teaches in a manner designed to promote discussion across a spectrum of opinions. His class is a popular elective, in which each semester hundreds (~800) of students join, bringing their varied perspectives.”

Just imagine me getting up in front of a Penn State class with a “Black people are dumb” slide, which even contained factual IQ data to back up my claim. Do you think Penn State would applaud my effort to “promote discussion across a spectrum of opinions”?

This anti-White insanity must be stopped. The people promoting this genocidal agenda must be exposed and brought to justice.

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