Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Hitler Speaks About Cultural Decay in Weimar Germany

 Does this sound a bit like what we are facing today?

The Decay of our culture,
these mounds of contamination of our whole cultural life,
the decomposition of our literature,
the Poisoning of our theatres, of our movies,
all the art is now falling for it.

Millions of you do not participate any more.
It does not appeal to them any more.
This art was not born from our people.
It is alien to us and will remain alien.
It has nothing to do with the western character and did not come from our soul.
It was imposed on us by our subversive press which had made it palatable.

And parallel to this already the assault against the education of our children’s brains,
the tearing out of all the memories of our proud past,
the insult to all our great men and people,
the removal of its memory from the heart and the brain
and out of our youth and with it a large defilement of our history.

Nothing of what was once great,
nothing of what helped create this great nation
to make it strong was spared from these corroding and corrosive attacks
Everything is demolished starting from the symbols of the past,
from the cockades and flags to the great men of our history.

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