Saturday, June 5, 2021

I Need Some Help......

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Photos of the damages to my home 

Photos of my home before the damages 

First, let me thank anyone who is reading this very post of mine, I know that I haven't posted anything on this website for almost 4 months.  I have been in a struggle for my very life as I have found myself homeless in the past 4 months.  i have been living in hotels and trying to find shelter after the unfortunate events of my life following Texas Winter Storm Uri.  Let me begin my story from the very beginning.  On September 18, 2020, I was able to finalize the purchase of my home after a long 8 month battle with various loan companies and loan officers.  I have been working to try and rebuild my savings account because the home purchase cost me over $10,000.  I had to battle from a skin cancer condition in November of 2020 so I have been unable to work my usual 70 hours a week at my 3 different jobs.  I currently work as a teacher, a tutor, and a delivery driver for Alto pharmacy as I still have to pay bills and a mortgage despite not even living in my home.  

On February 15, 2021, I had been hired by Alto pharmacy to begin working for them.  It was on that same day that my home lost electricity, as did much of Texas, and I had to endure for a long 4 days inside my home without water and electricity.  My home got as cold as 30 degrees inside while it was freezing outside with a temperature of 12 degrees.  I have reported the damages to my insurance agency called Berkshire Hathaway but they are not willing to cover all of the damages.  I had tried to hire a contractor named Randy Madewell but I did not know that he had a history of defrauding home owners of their hard earned money.  He looked over the damages and said that my home would need new pipes and that the damages were extensive.  At least he was telling the truth with regards to that as the photos linked in my post will show the before and after photos of my home before and after the damages of the winter storm freeze.  He wrote up estimates of $64,000 but in his estimates he wrote himself a profit and overhead charge of over $12,000.  Thankfully his claims were rejected by the insurance company but I had already given him $8,800 of my own hard earned money.  He has refused to even give me back half of that amount and has stated that he will place a $15,000 lien on my home.  I am hopeful that God will stop his evil actions and he will either lose his impending case or he will lose out in small claims court and I will be rewarded for my honesty and hard work.  

After I had fired the fraudulent contractor, I had met with a young man named Omar Caseres who was willing to work with me.  He also quoted me an estimate of $52,000 for the immense work that needs to be done to save my home.  I am not someone who usually asks for help of any kind.  I was raised to stand on my own two feet by my beloved grandmother.  It took a lot of courage to go forth and create my Go Fund Me post a few months ago and admit to others that I need help.  I don't have a lot of friends or followers of social media and even on Facebook I have only 337 friends on my friend list as of this writing and very few followers on other platforms.  I have received much kindness from strangers who have taken pity upon me.  A family took me in and gave me some food as I tutored their son to help him pass his TSI math exam for college and some friends have given me a total of $3,000 and have even given me shelter for a few days as I have managed to stay in hotels to avoid sleeping on the streets.  I recently bought my home less than 9 months ago and I refuse to lose my home after all of the hard work that I have done to acquire my home.  I am asking for some assistance of any kind in terms of monetary help.  Even if someone cannot donate anything towards my cause, simply sharing my story and having others see my story would also be a great blessing.  If anyone has any questions or wishes to contact me to offer assistance or to see how I am doing, they may contact me at the following email:  Thanks for reading my story and may God bless each and everyone one of you.  I love you all and I hope that in a few more weeks, I can return to my usual posts on this website.  

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