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I Need Some Help......

Go Fund Me   Photos of the damages to my home   Photos of my home before the damages   First, let me thank anyone who is reading this very post of mine, I know that I haven't posted anything on this website for almost 4 months.  I have been in a struggle for my very life as I have found myself homeless in the past 4 months.  i have been living in hotels and trying to find shelter after the unfortunate events of my life following Texas Winter Storm Uri.  Let me begin my story from the very beginning.  On September 18, 2020, I was able to finalize the purchase of my home after a long 8 month battle with various loan companies and loan officers.  I have been working to try and rebuild my savings account because the home purchase cost me over $10,000.  I had to battle from a skin cancer condition in November of 2020 so I have been unable to work my usual 70 hours a week at my 3 different jobs.  I currently work as a teacher, a tutor, and a delivery driver for Alto pharmacy as I still h