Thursday, February 4, 2021

The White Idiot Marjorie Greene denounces QAnon but doesn't apologize for spreading lies — then plays the victim of the left and media

Speaking on the House floor Thursday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) denounced QAnon and swore that she hasn't believed the conspiracy theories since 2018. She went on to denounce extremism "on the left and the right" that she said spreads lies.

Greene's apology neglects to explain why, if she didn't believe QAnon theories after 2018, she chased Parkland survivor David Hogg down the street spouting conspiracy theories at him. Just as recently as two weeks ago, Greene was on the House floor citing conspiracy theories that people on the right, like her, were being "censored."

She explained that she was "upset about things" and that the government wasn't doing what she felt they should do. "I want you to know a lot of Americans don't trust our government. The problem is I was allowed to believe things that weren't true."

In the past week, Greene has blamed her "social media team" for posting the images that promote QAnon conspiracies and call for the assassination of top Democratic officials.

Wearing a "Free Speech" mask, Greene said that she's reminded that she is a "sinner" and that "Jesus died for my sins."

She closed by blaming the left for condoning the Black Lives Matter protests that burned down businesses "but yet wants to condemn me and crucify me in the public square for words that I said, and I regret a few years ago, then I think we are in a real big problem, a very big problem. What shall we do with Americans?"

She went on to compare the media to QAnon by spinning lies.

"You see, big media companies can take teeny, tiny pieces of words that I said, that you have said, any of us, and can portray us into someone that we're not," she went on. "And that is wrong. Cancel culture is a real thing. It is very real. And when big tech companies like Twitter, you can scroll through and see where someone may have retweeted important, this is a problem."

Greene never apologized and instead said that she "regrets" what she believed before blaming others. Sources told MSNBC that this is what she said Wednesday night to the Republican caucus that prompted a standing ovation.

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