Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Teenage National Socialist from Cornwall is UK’s Youngest “Terror Offender”



The teenage leader of a National Socialist group has become the youngest person in the UK to have committed a "terrorist offence".

The boy from Cornwall had admitted 12 offences, two of "dissemination of terrorist documents" and 10 of "possession of terrorist material".

At 13 years old he downloaded his first bombmaking manual and later that year joined online forum Fascist Forge.The sentencing hearing of the now 16 year old will continue on 8 February.

The court heard he was the "leader" of the British version of a now banned National Socialist organisation.

Between 2018 and July 2019, he collected a "significant amount of far right material" and expressed "racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic views" on online platforms.

Prosecuting, Naomi Parsons, said his home, where he lived with his grandmother, was searched and police found a National Socialist flag and nationalist slogan on the garden shed.

"The age is the alarming factor and his conduct betrays a maturity beyond his chronological age," she added.

The teenager, who cannot be identified, was in touch with an Estonian boy, who founded a now-banned group called Feuerkrieg Division.

The defendant set up FKD GB and recruited British members from online platforms, such as Paul Dunleavy, a teenager from Rugby, who was jailed last year for "preparing a terrorist attack".

"The group wanted to enact white jihad and the genocide of non-white people," the court heard.

In mitigation Deni Matthews said the defendant had a "simply dreadful childhood" and that everything he did was in order to "seek approval" from others online.

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