Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Facebook Exec Wants White Cops to Wear Oculus VR Headsets And Watch Black People Get Abused

By Chris Menahan

Facebook civil rights VP Roy Austin, a former Obama administration official, wants white police officers to use Oculus VR headsets to watch videos of cops abusing black people as a form of sensitivity training.

Austin proposed the idea last month during a Facebook internal meeting that was leaked on Sunday by Project Veritas.

After ranting about black men like George Floyd allegedly being abused by police, Austin said: “I wonder whether or not we can use Oculus to help a white police officer to understand what it feels like to be a young black man who’s stopped and searched and arrested by the police … I want every major decision to run through a civil rights lens.”

Austin also credited Facebook and social media for the George Floyd “protests.”


Austin worked in the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division for years under Obama — don’t be surprised if the Biden regime takes him up on the idea.

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This article originally appeared on Information Liberation.

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