Tuesday, January 5, 2021

White People (White Idiots) Are Too Meek and Obedient


While BLM was out burning down cities and brutally assaulting innocent victims, most White people were quietly obeying the various lockdown restrictions being imposed on them. Only White people are expected to follow all the rules and get all their shots, doing so without making so much as a polite objection. Sure, there have been a few protests against the lockdowns by White people, some even armed, but these are just sporadic acts of civil disobedience.

It is my contention that White people, for the most part, are simply too meek and obedient for our own good. These character traits, in small doses, can work well for us if we are living in a homogeneous land with leaders who are actually looking out for our interests, but this is most certainly not the case today. Being submissive and permissive will be the death of us, which is why some of the old rebellious spirit of our ancestors needs to be rekindled.

The church originally taught this “meekness” to the European people as a great strength, which was an entirely foreign concept. Turning the other cheek and loving one’s enemy was not the way of the pre-Christian people. The suicidal teachings of the Bible turned a once proud people into a bunch of cowards afraid to ever stand up for themselves, so as not to lose their precious place in heaven. Standing up for their particular semitic sect of religion in devastating fratricidal wars? Well, they knew how to do that pretty well.

Know your real enemy and then hate your enemy. If he slaps your cheek, shoot a double leg takedown and get in some ground and pound. If he pokes out your eye, lop off his head and stick in on a pike. You get the idea.

White people are descended from some of the greatest warriors this world has ever seen. Our blood still courses with the spirit of these great heroes. This is why we desire righteousness, courage, honor, truth, justice, and other noble concepts. We need to rekindle our desire to live up to these ideals and then we must demand them in others, though it seems like a Herculean task in our degenerate day.

Many White people want to do the right thing, but they are confused as to what the “right” thing is, as they have been so brain-addled. Some people even think they are doing the right thing as they yell at others for not putting on masks. This is semitic Stockholm Syndrome on a massive scale, as people are enforcing the will of their captors.

We must not be meek when injustice is the rule of the day and our people are being attacked from every angle. We must be obedient only to our own internal moral compass, not obedient to some slave-training manual like the Bible or the latest edicts from politicians on high. We must stand tall and never be bowed by the heavy pressures of this world.

We must fight for our dignity or we will become the most pathetic slaves this world has ever seen, rather than the noble warriors we were born to be.

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