Friday, January 15, 2021

The War on Conservatives is a Cover for White Genocide

 Trump has been banned from all major social media along with his followers. Being a conservative these days can get you persecuted in a great number of ways, as the whole world goes “woke” at an accelerating pace. This must mean that conservatism is a big threat to the plans of the “global elite” and their Great Reset, right? Well, not really. The war against conservatives is really just one aspect of the ongoing White genocide agenda, and it serves to deflect attention from the real issue.

Donald Trump has seemed to support White issues, such as building a wall, slowing the flood of immigration, and stopping critical race theory. He has not actually done anything to help our cause one bit, but for their psychological operations to work, White people needed to believe in their great White hope. They needed us thinking that our salvation could come through participation in the political process, but it was all a scam from the get-go. Trump never cared about us or acted on our behalf; he was in office to do everything Israel asked of him. He was a pied piper, leading his army of red hat followers to exactly where we are now – nowhere good.

At the heart of the matter, this is not an ideological battle of red vs blue, left vs right, or liberal vs conservative. They play both sides of the aisle at the highest levels anyway. This is a war of the blood, with the jewish supremacists seeking to destroy the White race from every angle. They subvert and undermine our culture and our thinking, make us feel guilty for the race we were born into, goad us into miscegenation with other races, steal our money through taxes and give lots of it to non-Whites via welfare so they can have massive families, give our jobs to everyone else with affirmative action, and flood our countries with hostile foreigners. This is what really matters.

By getting people focused on the war against conservatives, people miss the forest for the trees. jews get people to go to bat for the most Zionist president in US history, but not for their own kin. This is why White people have been rallying around kosher conservatives like Candace Owens, Nick Fuentes, Charlie Kirk, Ben Shapiro, Milo, etc. Controlled opposition agents like Alex Jones, who used to show how the left and right both prop up the pyramid of power, have been 100% on the “right” side for the past 6 years. Many supposed “pro-Whites” – Red Ice, Jason Kohne, Andrew Anglin, TRS, the entire Alt Right – also hitched themselves to the Trump train.

They want us to think that everyone who voted Democrat is our enemy and everyone who voted Republican is our ally. This is simply not the case. By dividing ourselves along these lines, we are falling right into our enemy’s traps. This is the classic “bagelian” dialectic that has worked so well for them through history. That being said, every non-White is also not our enemy and every White person is not our ally. Our real enemies are the people who promote White genocide – in schools, on TV, and in politics – and they wear the jerseys of both team red and team blue. Our real allies are those who actively fight against White genocide and realize the threat of jewish supremacism.

We must be smart if we are to win this war. We cannot let our enemies dictate the terms. We must get more people to wise up to this game and stop trusting “the plan.” The fate of our people is at stake. We must stop White genocide before it is too late.

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