Monday, January 18, 2021

The United States Was Always A Police State......

As the nation remains in the grip of a self created hysteria a mere 2 days before the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States, I hate to be the bearer of more bad news. It is sad that it took the loss of human life on January 6th, 2021 from the Capitol Hill riots for most Americans to see what I have been saying about their country for the past 12 years. The nation is nothing more than a police state that works in tandem with Elitist Jews and “White” Freemasons to silence and prevent the truth from reaching the rest of the world about how terrible life here is for the vast majority of the American people. Social media in the United States, or what people call “cancel culture”, is nothing but a ploy to control the masses. If one is even halfway intelligent and can discern that whenever you make political commentary that goes against the mainstream thought of American society, you are labeled a “conspiracy theorist” and you will lose your source of employment and be kicked off various social media platforms. What happened to Donald Trump was proof that the tech companies will use you and then will throw you away once it becomes too much of an inconvenience for them. These Jews and Freemasons were glad to use Trump and allow him to spread his conspiracy theories as long as they were given their tax cuts and de-regulation of the fossil fuel industries. However, once violence was officially used, then they decided to protect their brand for the sake of their own profits. These social media companies rely on violent so called “hate speech” to drive traffic to their own websites so that they can profit from the advertisement revenues that they draw thanks to their own users. It is just another sick symptom of the failures of capitalism and greed in this evil American society.

People are now concerned about the potential death of “democracy” yet I have been saying for the past 12 years that there is no such concept like that in the United States. Your votes have never mattered in the first place; once Citizen United was handed down and even before that court case, the power has always been through lobbyists and donors to both Republicans and Democrats and their donors are always going to be Jews and White Freemasons. Those are the people who are running and ruining the country thanks to their refusal to actually make real systemic changes to their own country. As I stated before the November 4, 2020 elections, it is enough that people know that there is an election every 2 to 4 years. The ones who cast the votes (the voters) will never determine the outcome of any election, the ones who count the votes (the Jews and Masons) along with how the votes are counted (ballots and machines) will determine the outcome of any election. It is sad that it took a wannabe autocrat named Donald Trump to show the world that I have been correct for such a long time about the futility of voting. Even with the supposed importance of the 2020 elections, a mere 67 percent of registered voters actually cast a vote. I firmly believe that in the 2024 elections, those numbers will be even lower now that almost half of Republicans doubt that Joe Biden won the election thanks to Trump's conspiracy theories about voting. At the end of the day, no matter who is elected or selected to any of the offices of the country, there will never be any positive changes to come to the United States because there is still no rank choice voting mandated on all levels of voting and voting districts are still drawn by both political parties instead of by independent contractors.

I gave up on this evil country 12 years ago when I was left to die but God saved my life and continues to guide and assist me in my day to day affairs. I only hope to be reunited with my grandmother in heaven after I leave this planet. Until that day comes, I work hard with the hope of leaving this evil country for a life in New Zealand in a nation that is a true social democracy where taxes actually are used for the well-being of the entire nation. Please do not think that there will be wild spread violence on January 20, 2021; the elites of this society will not allow for it. Both the Republicans and Democrats are conservative parties and they are fully united in their quest to dominate the American people and prevent the subjugation of corporate dominance (Jews and White Freemasons) from being challenged and destroyed. There will be small pockets of violence on that day and even a little bit afterwards but I have always been clear that I believe that violence won't solve anything. If the American people wish to end the failed corporate state of America, all they need to do is create their own monetary systems and stop participating in the failed American economic system. Once they begin to do this and participate in a non violent resistance, the American state shall fully crumble and real changes that are positive shall begin to occur throughout the land. The current political climate is merely a struggle within the Republican party between the pro and anti democratic forces within the party. It has always been like that ever since Trump came onto the political scene in 2015. In the end, the donors will choose the pro democracy Republicans and the anti democracy Republicans will fade away from American politics starting after the 2022 midterms and primaries. There is no real political solution to the nation's problems but Joe Biden will attempt to make small changes but he will refuse to institute UBI to help alleviate one of the many weaknesses of American capitalism. That will be the ultimate downfall of the United States as ideas like universal education, universal healthcare, a real social safety net shall never happen in the United States. Which is why I have implored many Americans to leave the nation starting in 2016 and some have been listening to me and they are very happy to have left this evil shit hole of a country.

I have attached two links about the mayhem of the capitol hill riots that occurred on January 6, 2021 and I would advise for people to fully watch those two YouTube videos along with reading this full post. The United States has officially collapsed and it could have been avoided if these so called leaders and people had listened to me and taken my ideas of how to fix the many problems in their society. I can only speak to those who are willing to heed my words to leave this evil nation behind, use these next 4 years wisely and finalize your plans to leave and never return. Yes you will probably leave your loved ones behind but know that at least you will have eternal peace no longer having to stay around human being who are completely apathetic to the suffering of their fellow human beings. For there is still hope for those who heed my words of warning and for those who refuse to heed my warnings, they ultimately shall face full destruction for failing to listen and obey the natural order of this world. For if you have created system that have severe flaws and you are refusing to fix these systems, then expect your entire nation to fully collapse. People should consider this post a farewell to the failed American state. Now the nation is entering into another full phase of becoming a police state where your words shall be considered “extreme” and you shall be arrested for simply having different political ideas. I would know this as the masonic Secret Service has tried to intimidate me because I spoke that these same politicians who are actively trying to kill innocent people should receive the same treatment. Despite that being completely protected within my rights to free speech, these masons and Jews still want to kill me and destroy my life merely for exposing their evil actions to the rest of the world. Thankfully by doing God's work, other human beings have been spared the unjust act of having to stay a second longer within the borders of this evil nation. We shall see what the remaining days of this failed state shall deliver for the world to see as China has now risen to become a super power as American influence is now officially dead for the rest of history.

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