Saturday, January 9, 2021

The Collapse Of The United States Is A Good Thing!

Earlier today I received a phone call from one of my uncles in the United Kingdom. He had called me out of concern for the recent events that has been happening in the United States. He had seen that Donald Trump had gotten banished from the following social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and that various other platforms like Google Playstore and Apple Store had banned Parler from being able to host content on their respective sites. I told him that I had been living here for the past 25 years and I have grown accustomed to all of the political chaos as I have known that all of the division and the lack of progress is due to the control of the corporate entity of Elitist Jews, White Freemasons, and their satanic allies. I also told him that the nation is collapsing due to decades of failed political leadership to address the myriad of social, economic, and political problems. The American people, in their infinite stupidity, continued to vote for both political parties with misguided notions that they can solve the nation's problems when both parties are really just conservative parties; it just happens that the Republicans are more conservative than the Democrats as they differ very little in policies. When any nation or people refuse to address the problems in their systems, such systems will always collapse. That is what the world is witnessing as I have warned the American people for the past 12 years to fix their systems and I have shown them how to fix their systems but they refused to listen so I happily stand aside and allow people to kill them and destroy their systems for their refusal to listen and follow my sound and logical advice will help accelerate their demise and their ultimate destruction. My only advice for the American people is to leave the country so that it can fully collapse and that they can have a better future in another land where the government of such nation actually believes in taking care of the needs of their citizens. Such a concept has never existed in the United States and will never exist so as long as Democrats or Republicans are allowed to control the 3 branches of government in the United States. Those who managed to leave the country before the inauguration of Donald Trump will be considered very fortunate and those who can leave before the inauguration of Joe Biden will also be considered very fortunate for they listened to me when I told them to make plans to leave this evil country back in 2016. Now, I give this final bit of advice for those who are wise and willing to listen to logic and reasoning. There is still some hope left for those who are going to use these next 4 years wisely in building up their wealth and assets so that they can leave the country by the end of 2024. The election of Joe Biden has bought those people some time to finalize their plans to leave. Please do not be deceived to think that you have to stay in this evil land due to family ties. As long as you trust and believe in God and trust Him first, then that is all that you need to prosper and be guided properly in this life. Once the nation collapses, something better will be built in this place from its very ashes. For life and history are ongoing processes and progress and evolution is required for any person or entity to even approach and go beyond their potential. I still see some hope as it has been finally exposed that the base of the Republican Party is nothing but a bunch of white supremacist, white idiots and the nation wants nothing to do with them. Once the nation is able to neutralize them before they drag the rest of the entire country into civil war, a war that will not happen as both Republicans and Democrats are in unison when it comes to their support of a Joe Biden presidency, the nation can begin to progress and rebuild the nation into a better nation. But in order for that to happen the nation must first collapse so that the ones who can rebuild the land into something better can be able to do so. Take heed that this collapse is all a part of God's divine plan and that once the collapse happens, better days shall prevail. There is hope in the glory of nihility and the glory of the empty world to come!

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