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‘Nazi’ Botched Gassings and the Self-Assisted Holocaust Hoax 

By Friedrich Paul Berg

‘Nazi’ Botched Gassings?

A new book, Gruesome Spectacles by Austin Sarat, is gaining some attention, partly because of the recent botched execution by lethal injection in Oklahoma.

Were there ever any “botched” mass gassings of jews in “Nazi” Germany? If not, why not? Given the complexity and record of botched gassings in the US where at most two people were gassed at one time and where great care is taken to do everything properly (even “painlessly”), there should have been many more botched gassings in NS Germany. But, there is at best only the sketchiest mention of anything like that. The Gerstein diesel gassing tale would be one such story—but the botching was not due to any problems with the gas not killing the intended victims within the expected execution period but only to the problem of getting the diesel engine to start. Was cyanide really any better?

From the following excerpt from the book it is clear that even in the US, botched gas executions (5.4%) were rather common.

There should have been some kind of paper trail for Nazi ‘botchings’ if only to better avoid repeat botchings. The same botching rate as occurred in the US would have meant that of the 2 million victims or so of mass gassings in NS Germany, there should have been at least 100,000 victims of botched gassings—including many “survivors.”

Making sure that the cyanide was dispersed throughout the gas chamber would have been a major problem without ‘forced circulation’ or Kreislauf. What to do with groggy but very angry jewish “survivors” of such botched gassings? Could Irene Zisblatt have really been as passive as she suggests after she was somehow taken out of a gas chamber? So many more questions for the holocaust zombies—but no real answers.

The book goes a long way in dispelling the important hoax which preceded the holocaust hoax. That earlier but essential hoax was that poison gas could be used to commit mass murder quickly and even “painlessly.” That was a widely held myth which even I believed until the revelations about botched gas executions in the US came to my attention in the late 1990s through the internet. The truth had effectively been suppressed by the government, especially the state governments, in the US presumably to allow states to keep gassing criminals to death. Under the best of circumstances, however, gas executions were only “quick” and relatively “painless” (whatever that means) if the prisoners c-o-o-p-e-r-a-t-e-d in their own execution by breathing deeply as an intense concentration of the gas first reached their nostrils. Any such cooperation from masses of jews seems so unlikely.

The Self-assisted Holocaust Hoax

On The Learning Channel on American television, some recent programs have described in graphic detail the horrible execution of one prisoner, David Lawson, who had refused to help his executioners. Lawson was executed on June 15, 1994 in Raleigh, North Carolina. In one of the last executions by gas, Lawson repeatedly held his breath for as long as possible and took only short breaths in between. By some accounts, the prisoner was also feebleminded. Perhaps for that reason he did something else which was unusual; he appealed to his executioners and to the witnesses during his execution. Again and again, as he was taking his short breaths, he cried out “I am human!” At first his cry was clearly audible but as the minutes went by he became less and less understandable and finally, more than ten minutes into the execution, there was just a mutter. He was dead only after eighteen minutes. The witnesses to the execution were horrified. The warden of the prison who had also supervised the execution was so shaken that he resigned. Because of this execution fiasco, executions with poison gas have been generally abandoned in the USA and replaced with lethal injections.

It is now clear to the experts, especially those still waiting on death rows, that a quick and painless execution by gas requires the cooperation of the intended victim. Prisoners about to be gassed were usually encouraged to inhale deeply as soon as the cyanide was released in order to make their deaths come easily. However, if an intended victim was uncooperative, the execution could easily become a fiasco. By simply refusing to take the deep breaths needed to quickly ingest a lethal dose of cyanide, the agony – even under the most ideal conditions – could last for more than eighteen minutes.

An execution procedure using the most modern execution chamber technology with a lethal gas concentration that should have killed in only a few seconds was thwarted by at least one intended victim simply holding his breath. An execution procedure which should have been painless and quick had proved to be so impractical that it is now generally abandoned. An execution procedure which dispersed an extremely lethal concentration of cyanide within seconds and which theoretically should have killed within a few additional seconds, nonetheless took eighteen minutes to kill a single, feebleminded victim.

It should now be obvious that the jewish Holocaust claims of mass gassings with Zyklon B and CO are rubbish. The sketchy and error-riddled bits of evidence for those claims show that “Nazi” gassing methods were primitive at best. Rather than dispersing a lethal concentration in seconds, those methods could have only dispersed marginally lethal concentrations after many minutes.

Most of the Holocaust executions, more than three million, were supposedly inflicted with Diesel exhaust. If the Diesels had been running at idle, even at fast idle, the exhaust would not have been lethal at all regardless of how long the exposure was; the exhaust would have contained less than 0.1% CO and about 18% oxygen. But, even with the engines operating under heavy loads, which in itself is only possible with the attachment of cumbersome equipment to the engines, the exhaust would have only been marginally lethal; the exhaust would have contained less than 0.4% CO and more than 6% oxygen.

For the alleged gassings with cyanide at Auschwitz and possibly Maidanek, but nowhere else according to the Holocaust story, the cyanide supposedly arose from granules of Zyklon-B dumped either on the heads or among the feet of the intended victims or into perforated columns. For any of those scenarios, the cyanide would have arisen from the granules slowly; that was after all the whole purpose of Zyklon-B: to release a measured quantity of cyanide slowly.

Under normal conditions a layer of Zyklon-B 1/2 to 1 centimeter thick would have required half-an-hour to release half of its cyanide. The presence of a tightly packed crowd of intended victims or screening would have slowed the process even more. Although many might have died within the execution times that are claimed, many others would have survived – and that would have been a fiasco. What would the executioners have done with the survivors – return them to barracks where they could describe what happened or send them back in for a second gassing?

After separating the obvious survivors from the dead, how would the executioners identify and dispose of those who were merely groggy or unconscious or feigning death? The answer is that any realistic mass gassing arrangement would have had to kill everyone. Otherwise, one would have had the same emotional strain on the executioners that supposedly led to mass gassings in the first place as an alternative to mass shootings.

The American experience with simple gas executions under ideal conditions proves that mass gassings of jews would only have been possible if the jewish victims – not just some of the jews, but all – had assisted in their own mass executions; that is too unbelievable. The self-assisted Holocaust story is a hoax indeed.