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National Socialism Today

The moral, social, and philosophical bankruptcy of our modern political/economic ideologies is becoming more apparent by the day. Free-market capitalism, conventional socialism, democracy, and communism are all demonstrable failures.

All fail to sustain and uplift humanity; they fail to acknowledge racial realities; and they fail to establish a balanced and sustainable relationship with Nature. Political corruption, widespread fraud, unprincipled spinelessness, moral and spiritual decay, and blatant self-enrichment mark the current systems of nearly all developed nations on Earth. All seemingly compete in a race to the bottom, to see which can achieve the most undignified and degrading form of social existence in the shortest period of time.

In the past 100 years, only one system has proven able to defy this trend: Adolf Hitler’s National Socialism (1933-1945). National Socialist (NS) Germany was able to achieve, in a period of less than 10 years, unprecedented and remarkable gains in economics, military power, social and cultural advancement, and national morale — and all amidst a global depression that was utterly crushing other advanced nations. Hitler’s system proved such a threat to the other world powers, and especially to the Jewish oligarchy that ruled in Europe and America, that they became determined to destroy it. And destroy it they did.

The threat from Hitler was never military — he never sought war with the West, and always only wanted to move east, in order to acquire badly-needed living space for his people, and to counter the looming Judeo-Bolshevist threat in the Soviet Union. Rather, the threat was Germany’s success: that Hitler might prove to the world that by driving out the Jewish element, by refocusing economies inward, and by promoting a non-materialistic worldview that extolled human character and spirit, that he would expose the many failings of Western Jewish-capitalist-materialistic society. This positive counter-example was something that the Western powers simply could not countenance, and so they conspired to destroy Hitler and his nascent society. In May of 1945, after five long years of fighting, with the entire industrial world arrayed against one nation, they prevailed.

The Allies defeated NS Germany, but not its ideas. Ideas, as they say, are bulletproof. They are eternal and immortal. Hitler’s vision still lives, and it has the power and potential to restore the world to a semblance of sanity, sustainability, and justice. This essay briefly outlines what National Socialism is, what a NS nation might look like today, and offers a few preliminary steps toward achieving such a vision.

What is National Socialism?

National Socialism is, of course, a conjunction of nationalism and socialism. Nationalism is any tendency to favor one’s own nation or nationality, as opposed to outsiders, foreigners, or those of other ethnicities or races. It typically involves national independence, self-reliance, strong self-determination, and a robust sense of patriotism. A nationalist is usually concerned to have a military capable of self-defense (but not empire-building), to have an economy and a currency that operate independently of other nations, and to emphasize traditional culture and social norms. A ‘nation,’ in turn, is literally a breed, stock, or race of people. The word derives from the Latin nasci or natus, ‘to be born.’ A nation, then, is a group of people who are genetically related, of common ancestry, and who comprise a unified ethnicity. Nationalism works for the sole interest of the dominant ethnicity.

The opposite of nationalism is ‘internationalism’ — that is, globalism. Internationalists, such as those who predominate in the West today, promote global trade, global treaties and business pacts, currency unification, and active involvement in foreign affairs. In the old days, they pushed for colonialism. Today they promote international business practices (such as low-cost labor in third-world countries), and they like to project military power around the world and to engage in so-called ‘nation building.’ Being unconcerned with ethnic unity or national homogeneity, globalists advocate for mass immigration, interracial marriage, racial equality, and multiculturalism — none of which are historically or biologically natural, and all of which are proven detriments to the national majority.

Socialism — loosely defined as any system in which the government owns or controls large sectors of the economy — is widely practiced around the world, often in a kind of partnership with capitalist activities. Socialism is not a single entity but rather a spectrum of political and economic positions that can range from relatively unobtrusive to highly active and controlling. Socialism tends to benefit society as a whole, especially the middle and lower classes, whereas capitalism tends to benefit capital — i.e. the wealthy, and in practice, wealthy Jews disproportionately.

Hitler found virtue in both nationalism and socialism. He decided that it was necessary, early in his career, to take the small existing German Workers’ Party (DAP) and make it both nationalist and socialist — hence, the NSDAP, or Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei. This was neither extreme nor evil; it was simply common sense, for someone who was concerned about the well-being of his fellow Germanic people.

As a movement, Hitler’s National Socialism was remarkably progressive and benign. It was codified in the famous 25 Points that he established a little over 100 years ago, in 1920. Even today, they are highly relevant. They call for equal rights for German people (Points 2 and 9). They give citizens the right to select the laws and governmental structure (6). They abolish war-profiteering (12). They call for corporate profit-sharing with employees (14). They support retirement pensions, a strong middle class, free higher education, public health, maternity welfare, and religious freedom (15, 16, 20, 21, 24). And they explicitly endorse the principle of “Common good before individual good” (24).

On the other hand, only a relatively few points appear threatening or aggressive. They grant citizenship only to ethnic Germans, explicitly denying it to Jews (4). They block further immigration, and compel recent immigrants to leave (8). They seek to prohibit all financial speculation in land (17). More harshly, the plan calls for the death penalty against “traitors, usurers, and profiteers” (18). It demands that the German-language press be controlled only by ethnic Germans — but doesn’t restrict press in other languages (23). And it calls for “a strong central authority in the State” (25), thus being opposed to anything like parliamentarian democracy.

Despite Hitler’s well-known and openly admitted “anti-Semitism,” Jews are only mentioned in passing in the 25 Points. They are banned from citizenship, and therefore from any role in government or the German-language press. Recent (since August 1914) Jewish immigrants, like all immigrants, must leave. And the National Socialist view of religious freedom “fights against the Jewish materialist spirit” (24). But apart from these two references, there is no explicit mention of Jews or any other minorities. There are no threats to imprison or kill Jews. Longtime Jewish residents can stay in the country. There is no confiscation of Jewish wealth, with the stated exceptions. There is no repression of Gypsies or homosexuals. And there is certainly nothing that sounds like a looming ‘Holocaust.’

In sum, Hitler’s National Socialism was essentially the product of German nationalism and progressive socialism, combined with a mild form of opposition to Jewish power. It is hardly the evil that is portrayed. In fact, quite the contrary: It proved itself to be a recipe for astonishing success.

A Modern Vision of National Socialism

Hitler’s Germany — the Third Reich — was a unique product of the people and the time. Formally speaking, it cannot be duplicated today. However, certain core elements of this ideology can be reproduced and implemented in the present day. In what follows, I offer one vision of a modern NS program, and then suggest some proposed steps on how to achieve that vision.

Hitler’s National Socialism was explicitly and exclusively German — by and for the Germanic people. But we know that he extolled the virtues of the Aryan people generally, that is, of indigenous European Whites. Any modern form of NS should therefore be generalized to address all White people globally. White may be loosely defined as people of predominantly European ethnicity, which extends to Ukraine and the western portions of Russia. Being White is not a matter of skin color but of national ethnic origin; as such, neither Jews nor any Middle Easterners, neither Arabs nor Asians nor North Africans, qualify as White, no matter how pale they appear.

As a first step, we may update, generalize, condense, and reissue the famous 25 Points. I hereby present a new program:

20 Points of Contemporary National Socialism

1. We demand that all White people everywhere have the right to live in a White nation, with White governance, on the basis of the universal principle of self-determination of all peoples.

2. We demand that Whites have the right to self-governance in all those nations and regions that have been historically colonized and developed by Whites — that is, Europe (including the United Kingdom), Ukraine, western Russia, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and overwhelmingly White regions and enclaves elsewhere. Whites need not form a single, global nation; rather, individual regions and groupings of Whites must be free to create their own regional nations, ones that are best able to respond to their local conditions.

3. Only Whites can become citizens of White nations. Only those who have an overwhelmingly White ancestry can be fellow countrymen. Therefore, neither Jews, Middle Easterners, Arabs, nor North Africans can be citizens of a White nation.

4. Those who are not citizens must live in White nations as foreigners and must be subject to the law of aliens. Non-citizens are entitled to none of the rights of White citizens.

5. The right to choose the government and determine the laws of the state shall belong only to citizens. We therefore demand that no public office, of whatever nature, whether in the central government, the province, or the municipality, shall be held by anyone who is not a citizen. We strongly oppose the widespread present-day practice of parliamentarian and representative democracies in which people are appointed to government posts by favor of the party, individual leaders, or financial donors, without regard to character and ability.

6. We demand that the state shall above all undertake to ensure that every citizen shall have the possibility of living decently and earning a livelihood. If this ever becomes difficult to achieve, then aliens (non-citizens) may be expelled to free up space and resources for citizens.

7. Any immigration of non-Whites into White nations must be prevented. All non-Whites who were foreign-born shall be compelled to leave immediately. All native-born non-Whites, who are automatically non-citizens, shall be encouraged to leave by all possible means.

8. All citizens, including women, must possess equal rights and duties. This does not, however, imply any sort of human equality.

9. The first duty of every citizen must be to work, physically or intellectually, to the benefit of all. No individual shall do any work that offends against the interest of the White community.

Therefore we demand:

10. That all unearned income — that is, purely financial income derived from speculation and loan-interest — be abolished. In practice, such income will be taxed at 100%. This will prevent people, especially the poor and the middle class, from falling into a condition of interest slavery.

11. We demand profit-sharing with employees for all large industries.

12. We demand a generous increase in old-age pensions.

13. We demand the creation and maintenance of a large and sound middle class.

14. We demand agrarian reform in accordance with our national requirements. We demand the prohibition of all land speculation. We demand respect for Nature — for animals, plants, and the land — and we demand the designation and protection of vast areas of wilderness in each bioregion.

15. We demand the harshest punishment for those who work to the detriment of the common welfare. Traitors, usurers, profiteers, etc., are to be punished to the maximum extent of the law, regardless of creed or race.

16. In order to make it possible for every capable and industrious White citizen to obtain higher education, and thus the opportunity to reach into positions of leadership, the state must assume the responsibility of thoroughly organizing the entire public cultural system. The conception of the National Socialist state idea (civics) must be taught in the schools from the very beginning. We demand that exceptionally-talented children of poor parents, whatever their station or occupation, be fully educated at the state’s expense.

17. The state has the duty to help raise the standard of national health by providing maternity welfare centers, by prohibiting child labor, by increasing physical fitness through the introduction of compulsory games and gymnastics, and by the greatest possible encouragement of associations concerned with the physical education of the young. Special emphasis shall be placed on healthy diet and nutrition.

18. We demand the firmest opposition to those who propagate deliberate political lies and disseminate them through the press or media. In order to make possible the creation of a true and unbiased press, we demand that all press and media outlets be under the full control of White citizens, with no non-White or foreign influence. Regarding the media and entertainment content, we demand the firmest opposition to all those tendencies in art, television, cinema, and literature that have a disruptive or degrading influence upon the life of our people; any organizations that offend on this basis shall be dissolved.

19. We demand freedom of thought for all rational and morally-uplifting worldviews and philosophies, insofar as they do not endanger the race, the national Socialist state, or offend the moral and ethical sense of the White race. White nations everywhere shall fight against the Jewish materialist spirit within and withoutincluding its Marxist and capitalist forms. The prosperity of White people can only come about from the principle: Common Good before Individual Good.

20. In order to carry out this program, we demand the creation of a strong central authority in the state.

These principles form the core of what may be called a contemporary, 21st-century National Socialism. They can apply to all White people anywhere in the world.

Steps Toward Implementation

Whites globally are under threat due to declining health, declining relative numbers, and declining influence in their own nations. All these trends must be reversed, and will be reversed, under a new National Socialism. The above 20 Points lay out a vision of national life that is far from the current situation: one in which Whites are dominated by a small Jewish elite and their collaborating non-Jews, are subject to degrading and humiliating Jewish cultural values, and are compelled to share national space and national resources with large (and growing) numbers of non-Whites.

How to begin? Like Hitler in 1920, we must start small. The precursor to the NSDAP was a small group of just seven men who met weekly — “the same old seven,” as Hitler put it. But they were steady and consistent. They had a number of tasks to fulfil, and they set themselves to work, slowing growing a true social movement.

Education is undoubtedly the first task — education of oneself and of others. Today, we must learn from history, and learn the facts of the contemporary world. Anyone moving forward with a program of contemporary National Socialism must be intellectually well-armed. Know the facts: know the history, know the enemy. Here, then, are the basic facts:

  • Race matters. Whites, like all races and ethnicities, have unique qualities and capabilities. But as history has shown, Whites are exceptional in their ability to build culture and civilization. Blacks and Mestizos have generally proven unable to construct complex and elevated societies. Jews participate in Western civilization, but in a parasitic and ultimately destructive manner. Asians have some ability for culture-building, but on terms quite different from the West.
  • Multiculturalism is destructive. Throughout history, as nations and civilizations became more diverse, they declined. The greatest civilizations in history were always mono-cultural and mono-racial. Multiculturalism and racial mixing are recipes for decay and collapse. This is an iron law of history.
  • Jews are uniquely dangerous. As Hitler, Goebbels, and others understood, Jews pose unique and deadly risks to White society. Because Jews often appear White, they can move throughout White society largely undetected. Yet they virtually always retain their racial, tribal identity as Jews, and they work collectively (and sometimes subconsciously) for Jewish interests, despite any appearances to the contrary. Jews promote the lowest social and cultural values, by which they simultaneously degrade, and profit from, gullible Whites. Jewish emphasis on money and power reflects the age-old Jewish fixation on material things, and a consequent rejection of higher aims and goals. Jews will stoop to the basest and cruelest actions if it furthers their interests; war, mass-murder, large-scale sickness and disease, environmental destruction, mass impoverishment — all these are ready weapons for the Jewish elite.
  • Whites are highly vulnerable. Whites are generally open, honest, and trusting people. They are selfless, altruistic, and idealistic. Such values have given the world the heights of artistic, cultural, and intellectual achievement. These values should be honored and protected. But unfortunately they also make Whites uniquely vulnerable to control and manipulation by ruthless, parasitic, and immoral non-Whites — Jews foremost among all. In a cruel irony, Whites’ best qualities are turned against them. Hence, they must all be made more sensitive to the nature of the danger. There is nothing worse for White well-being than a gullible and naïve liberalism.
  • White society is right and just. The Jewish media and Jewish-funded political elites are relentless in their condemnation of “white supremacy” and “white nationalism,” even though without the latter concept our society could never have come into being. Anything remotely along these lines is labeled as “Nazi” or “neo-Nazi,” with the obvious implication that they are something evil. And yet, “Black lives matter,” other non-Whites who advocate for their races’ interests, and illegal immigrants and fleeing refugees, are “owed” protection and civil rights. The hypocrisy and illogic are appalling.
  • White societies have been the greatest in history. From the early civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome to the heights of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, to the British Empire and the early American experiment, Whites have achieved astonishing and unmatchable feats. Art, literature, science, philosophy, music — the greatest achievements in all these fields occurred in White nations. Our present degraded world does not allow for White greatness; but with focus and effort, it can be restored.
  • Perhaps no society in modern history has achieved more, in less time, than Hitler’s Germany. Hitler took power in 1933, and within just three years he had conquered runaway inflation, driven down unemployment, and put industry back to work. After six years, Germany was once again a world power. And within eight years, only the combined militaries of all other industrial nations could stop them. To understand the context of German greatness, read Mein Kampf (Dalton translation).
  • The Holocaust was, in large part, a fiction. This supposed ultimate evil of the Third Reich is largely a composite of rumor, hyperbole, and outright fraud. The gas chambers could never have operated in the manner claimed, and most were certainly life-saving delousing chambers. Many of the Jews killed during WW2 were partisan fighters, especially in Russia, and thus were ‘fair game’ for German soldiers. Many Jewish camp deaths were a result of typhus and other diseases that were exacerbated by Allied attacks. Hitler’s plan was always and only to expel the Jews and ship them to captured Soviet territories, never to mass-murder them. Actual total Jewish fatalities amounted to some 500,000, not six million. Read the best sources on this event, such as Dissecting the Holocaust (Rudolf), Holocaust: Introduction (Dalton), or Debating the Holocaust (Dalton).
  • The so-called virtues of modern society, such as democracy, equality, and freedom, are in fact vices. Democracy is, in effect, rule by the masses, and the moral and intellectual level of the masses is so low as to be disastrous, if they hold the power to choose leaders. The typical parliamentarian “representative of the people” is an unprincipled, amoral dupe of political lobbies, utterly unworthy of positions of authority. All this explains why the current political discourse, and the words of our politicians, are so crude and simplistic. Democracy is based on human equality, but unfortunately human equality is a myth that has its roots in the Judeo-Christian Bible; in reality, there is no meaningful sense in which people are equal. And modern freedoms — like freedom of the press — are either illusions or nonsensical concepts. Present-day libertinism, liberalism, and excessive freedom lead to social decay, as even Plato recognized. The solution to these problems is a folk-oriented yet strong central government with rulers of vision and character who are of the same ethnicity as their citizens.
  • Traditional Judeo-Christianity is an ideological death-trap. Traditional Christianity is a wholly Jewish construct, and a fraudulent one at that. The Jesus-story is a pile of absurdities that cannot possibly be true, and in any case relies on blind faith in an itinerant Jewish rabbi, “Jesus of Nazareth.” The entire New Testament is an ex post facto construction by the Jew Paul of Tarsus, simply to delude and debase the gullible Gentile masses and to turn them against the stronger and nobler Roman values. To believe in the Jewish God (Jehovah) and in a fairytale afterlife is to lead a life of supreme stupidity. Hitler and the National Socialists understood this, which is why they emphasized the value, for the masses, of a “positive Christianity” — meaning, an ennobling and transcendent worldview appropriate for Aryan humanity. But this has almost no connection to the Jewish-inspired gutter-bin Christianity of Catholicism or Protestantism.
  • White National Socialism is neither ‘hatred’ nor ‘supremacy.’ There is nothing hateful in the above 20 Points, or in these various elaborations. The only true hate to be found is in the Jewish and ultra-liberal hatred of these ideas, and in their hatred of Whites who wish to lead their own lives, out from under the Jewish thumb. By seeking to live in a White society, Whites obviously have neither desire nor need to be ‘supreme’ over anyone. Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Asians and other such ethnicities are encouraged to live their own lives according to their own values — in their own countries. A White National Socialism would encourage and assist this process to the greatest possible extent.
  • America’ is finished. The largest White nation on Earth is the United States, with around 200 million Whites. Unfortunately, the US is also the most corrupted and debased nation on Earth. Nowhere else are Jewish values and Jewish wealth more dominant. The seeds of American decay were planted many years ago, in the importation of millions of Black African slaves (with the considerable aid of Jewish slave traders), in the “all men are created equal” clause of the Declaration, and in the mass immigration of Jews at the turn of the 20th century. At that point, we were doomed. It was only a matter of time. Today, we are seeing the fruit of these tragic errors. ‘America’ is finished. So put away your US flags and your banners, ditch your MAGA hats, and set yourself to the hard work of building a new White nation under National Socialist principles.

Education, then, is the overriding task at the moment. But let me close this essay with a few short thoughts on additional actions that Whites can take in self-defense. If education is the first task, small-scale organizing is the second. Initiate local groups, with actual face-to-face meetings. [Affiliate them with the National Alliance. — Ed.] Call them “dissident right,” “White lives matter,” or some related name. Advertise locally, and expect resistance. Discuss local issues, discuss history, discuss global politics. Develop local strategies appropriate for each local region. There is no substitute for face-to-face interaction.

Task three: Reach out to the public. Establish Web sites or social media. Do local fliering or advertising. Let people know who you are, and don’t be shy about defending National Socialism. When they call you a “Nazi,” say “Thank you!”

Task four: Claim authority. Stake out a local territory and declare it liberated from Jewish control. Establish a “Jew-free autonomous zone.” Declare it White-only, and encourage any non-Whites to leave. Declare local rule by National Socialist principles. Explain to the local populace that you no pose no risk, are not violent, and are only working in their own best interests. Do good local works: charity, volunteer, environmental. Uphold the highest standards of character and morality. Set a good example, and prove yourselves worthy of respect and self-rule.

Task five: Network. Reach out to other nearby groups, and establish working links. Learn from each other’s successes and failures. Build alliances, but do not sacrifice your basic National Socialist principles.

Task six: Bide your time, and be prepared. All current social trends are negative, and things could get much worse very quickly. In America, the Biden regime and its attendant Jewish entourage will surely accelerate the decay. In the coming social chaos, opportunities will arise. Be ready. Be prepared to take a more active role in local governance.

Amidst the coming widespread strife and decay, the best will emerge. Be that vanguard. The future awaits.

Author: Thomas Dalton, PhD – National Vanguard


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