Saturday, January 2, 2021

Jewish Judge: Banish the Ghosts of White Men Past

Fairfax county, Virginia Circuit Court Judge Dave Bernhard describes himself as a “White Hispanic,” which is a lie.

It turns out (they say) that he is of “Jewish and German” descent (via El Salvador). But even that is a lie. Let me break it down for you. He’s a Jew. But slippery Jews like him like to toss fairy dust in the eyes of the goyim with such words as “White,” “Hispanic,” “German,” and “El Salvador.” But he’s a Jew, a big one in fact. Of course they don’t like to admit that right off the top because they know that if people keep hearing the drum beat of Jew, Jew, Jew always associated with an insane and incessant undermining of the White way of life, White folks might get the wrong idea. That is, the right one.

Regarding manufactured identities, consider this. Peru once had a president, Alberto Fujimori, who was of Japanese descent. If Fujimori’s parents had bamboozled their way into America after living in Peru, do you think that Fujimori could have gotten away with referring to himself as a “White Hispanic”? — or even a “Yellow Hispanic”? The Japanese can be sneaky, but no. The far more sneaky Jews, however, can run this con and get away with it, time after time after time — all the way to our annihilation.

So being a big Jew is one strike against Judge Bernhard. The second strike is that his parents justified their arrival in America by claiming to be “asylum seekers.” Asylum is largely, of course, a scam foisted on us by Jews and by White traitors. It’s despicable the way Jews continuously pave the way for more and more of their own kind to come here — and take over. People like him should not even be in this country, let alone be a judge. Let alone run our country in any capacity. But there he is, as if he were an actual American, sitting up high in his black robes just as if he was to the manner born, born and bred from pure colonial stock. But he’s not of colonial stock. As a matter of fact he hates colonial stock. He hates them, and all of us, with an undying passion. Because he’s a Jew. And that’s who Jews are — and that’s what Jews do.

A healthy country will always revere and honor its past. A country that reviles and repudiates its past is a country that has no future.

One way our country has always cherished its past is to place statues and pictures of the people who came before us in public spaces. In courtrooms this has often meant putting pictures on display of the judges who once presided in those very places. That’s normal. That’s right. It ties the present to the past and leads us to the future (if we are to have one); in an ascending country such an act would simply be a matter of course and would occasion no comment.

But we are a degenerate country, with Jew Judge Bernhard leading the way to our eventual demise. He’ll have none of this “honor your ancestors” business, at least when it comes to our ancestors. In the Fairfax, Virginia county courthouse there are portraits of 47 past judges.

It turns out 45 of those judges are White. (One does wonder how many of those 45 are really Jews.) And surely the other two who were not White were clearly a mistake that never should have happened; but then we’ve been on the road to destruction for some time now. But the main point is that the fact that 45 are White is normal: We created this country and controlled it for a long time; numbers like that simply reflect that basic fact. But Jew Bernhard wants to change that. He makes the outrageous claims that:

The broader concern is whether in a justice system where criminal defendants are disproportionately of color and judges disproportionately white, it is appropriate for the symbols that ornament the hallowed courtrooms of justice to favor a particular race or color. Evaluation of this matter is left at present to the sound discretion of each presiding judge….

First off, the Jew doesn’t ask himself why “people of color” traipse through the criminal courts in such massive numbers; he’d say “racism,” of course, when the answer really is genetic inferiority which has led to a debased culture (bastardy, cross-generational welfare claims, etc.).

Please note that you can be as sure as anything that this is but the first step; and that in the near future it will be required for all the pictures of all those White men to be banished to the basement, from which place they will eventually also be banished and no one will notice.

“Racial justice” will demand it. You can be sure of this because when a Jew is talking, that means he is lying; that’s the way you can tell.

And note too the use of the word “ornament” as if White people are incidental to this country, a kind of decoration. But the reason those rooms are hallowed in the first place has everything to do with White people.

And, of course, Bernhard has announced in his own courtroom that pictures of these White men are forbidden.

Bernhard also wrote that right now America is paying “heightened attention to the past inequities visited upon persons of color.” He means George Floyd, of course, and Michael Brown, and whoever the next Black of the Month may be. Blacks fly into homicidal rages, cops righteously shoot them, and next thing you know White history is erased. And, anyway, with Jews eternally fanning the flames, such anti-White attention is always “heightened.” They know a good gig when they’ve got one, and they will flog the horse well past the time when it’s good and dead.

The lawyer for the Black criminal in one of Bernhard’s recent cases referred to the “bad optics” of all those pictures of White men, and that really gets down to it; in the the end they want to be rid of all symbols of the power and glory we formerly had as Whites in White America. If no one can see it, no one will remember it. And they think that the suicide cocktail they are preparing for us will go down smoother that way.

The criminal’s lawyer was “particularly concerned” that the criminal’s trial might have happened in a courtroom that featured a portrait of Virginia Supreme Court Justice Harry Carrico. This is the judge who, in 1966, upheld the state law stating that interracial marriage was illegal. In the criminal lawyer’s mind, one of the last men who was determined to draw and keep the color line clear and bright, and to stave off our racial dilution, clearly had to go. “Racial justice” demanded it.

And this is not an isolated case: Recently a Louisa County, Virginia judge removed a painting of Robert E. Lee from a courtroom ahead of a murder trial involving a Negro defendant; perhaps the specter of Lee would have made the Black miscreant feel inferior, or guilty. A bearing of nobility and rectitude has that effect on the more worm-like specimens of humanity, I’m told. Also, a judge in the formerly self-respecting state of North Carolina is considering removing a picture “of a slave owner” that hangs behind the bench. Out, says the traitor.

But the saddest part of the affair was the disgustingly lame response of a “Republican” to this anti-White hatred. He didn’t accuse Bernhard of tearing down his nation’s history, or of being irredeemably hostile to the White race. Of course not. He went with the time-honored weak and wobbly “color-blind conservatism” of the “America is a universal nation” variety. Somewhere, surely, His Satanic Majesty Martin Luther King is moved to tears or, more likely, laughing up his sleeve. What the pathetic excuse for a White man said was:

Judge Bernhard seems to have embraced this reductive, racialist view of his fellow man. We’d all do well to remember that, whether we are Black or White, Christian or Jewish, immigrant or native-born, we are all equally human. As a culture, we must reject all divisive ideologies and, instead, unambiguously affirm our shared humanity.

He touched all the bases of surrender; a sticky, gummy mouthful of suicidal idiocy.

The sooner we all see that nearly all political conflicts are really racial conflicts — that everything of significance is bound up with biological race — and that the racial perspective is the only perspective that really matters — then the sooner our people will begin to see clearly. Our enemies see things in racial terms, and in racial terms above all else. It’s time we do so as well — with no sniveling appeal to the Jewish fantasy that we are all “brothers beneath the skin.”

We are not that. We are not brothers beneath the skin. We are not “brothers” at all, in fact.

Nature has decreed that we are dead serious competitors for the territory and the resources we need for life. When it comes to Jews, we are mortal enemies. We always have been, and always will be.

Time to wake up, White man.

Time to wake up and take your stand.

Source: Douglas Mercer – National Vanguard

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