Wednesday, January 6, 2021

How Will Donald Trump Leave Office?

While I was at work, I received a phone call from my adopted mom asking if I had seen the video of the protests that turned violent on capitol hill where the MAGA protesters stormed the capitol buildings during the certification of the election results. I told her that I had read about it on my phone and had posted about it on my social media pages and that I could care less about the destruction and chaos as I had been telling these idiots all over the country that the nation is near collapse for decades and that it would soon be dismantled unless they united together and solve all of the myriads of problems all over their nation. Also, due to my own background as an immigrant, I already know that the land is not an exceptional nation and that it is populated by white idiots, black idiots, and latino idiots who gladly serve Elitist Jews and “White” Freemasons and Satanists as they continue to divide the general population by fictitious divisions like race and class among other items so that they can continue to plunder and destroy the same nation that they proclaim to love. A lot of blacks and latinos also could care less as they noticed the lack of violence directed towards the MAGA protesters as they were white but the violence leveled at the BLM protesters were far more violent back in the summer of 2020. 

The biggest question that I have posed as the title of this article is not when Trump will leave but how he will leave. Because it has become apparent from anyone that the entire establishment of the Republicans and Democrats have had enough of him even before this latest act. The entire political elite of the country have made it known now that he is fair game to be removed from office in some format. His Twitter account is now suspended and could very possibly be removed so he will lose access to his legions of white idiot MAGA followers and there is now open discussions about using the 25th amendment to remove Trump from office. Even the White Freemason Mike Pence unfollowed Trump on Twitter and has been told by many groups to use the 25th amendment to remove Trump from office. There is less than 14 days remaining in the failed presidency of Donald John Trump but a situation is developing where he could be removed via the 25th amendment, where he could resign from the presidency, where he could refuse to leave office and be forced out by the military. All of these scenarios would damage the already tattered legacy of his presidency and that Republican party, which was already a joke before Trump entered politics anyways. The world now sees what I have been saying for the past 12 years about how evil this nation has been, how pathetic and useless their so called leaders are and why they have NO RIGHT to lead any nation into the future or dictate to any nation how to conduct their own affairs. The nation has officially collapsed into a failed state and I do not see anyway for it to be saved. It could have been saved if the so called leaders have a clear vision for how to save the nation but they only care about saving their already fattening wallets. 

Now the eyes of the world has moved onto China as the end of the American era of the world has officially ended. And that is a great sight to behold as America has allowed a virus run rampant throughout the land that kills its citizens, the same virus that most other industrialized nations have already defeated but the idiots throughout the land gladly stand by while the virus kills their own people all because they have chosen money over the well being of their own citizens. Let what has happened to the United States serve as a warning for other nations to never let your own nation serve the interests of the minority but to instead serve the interests of the majority and to provide for the well being and safety of your own people. Such a sentiment has NEVER existed in this evil country and history has now shown what will happen when you allow Elitist Jews and Freemasons to dominate your society. It is funny really, the white idiots in the Republican Party had no problem entertaining Trump when he was playing the role of an autoritarian as long as he signed off on their agenda but now that he has been demanding loyalty and will gladly set off his own MAGA followers against them, that is what will spur them into action? These same false leaders of the Republican Party are only now upset that they have lost all 3 branches of government thanks to the Georgia elections and now their own political party is set to be defeated for the foreseeable future in all elections throughout the country and they have only themselves to blame. If only they could leave the country permanently in order to save the rest of the land from their continued lust for greed, power, and gluttony......

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