Saturday, January 9, 2021

How the Capitol siege has crippled Trump kids' political futures

According to Daily Beast columnist Molly Jong-Fast, any hopes that Donald Trump's family might have had about becoming a political dynasty likely came crashing down last Wednesday when the president incited a riot that sent Congressional lawmakers fleeing for their lives from the pro-Trump mob.

With reports that first daughter Ivanka Trump is moving to Florida with an eye on primarying Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Don Jr. considering running for office somewhere, and daughter-in-law Lara Trump considering running for office in North Carolina, Jong-Fast said the Trump family brand was likely fatally damaged the day the country watched the U.S. Capitol being overrun with the president's encouragement.

"Sure, many of us knew Trump would kill the Republican Party like five years ago. But Republicans didn't seem to realize it until armed Trump supporters overran the Capitol, killed a police officer, and had politicians hiding in their offices. Trump is over," she wrote for the Beast before adding, "The president's large adult sons have not shied away from civil war talk."

"We know the Republican Party is done with Trump and his failsons because of what the biggest opportunist in the Senate said on the day of the coup. Lindsey Graham, Mr. Whatever Way the Wind Is Blowing, who's practically been Trump's caddy for the last four years, pronounced he was done pretending to like Trump so that he could get reelected," she wrote. "Trump may still be able to command his millions of white supremacists and Confederate fetishizers. But change is in the air, and as we know from the last four years of Republicans losing the House and the Senate, Trumpism isn't transferable. Trumpism doesn't scale. Will Ivanka be able to win a primary against little Marco? Theoretically. Junior might be able to win Matt Gaetz's Florida House seat, but he's not going to be able to ride Daddy's racism to the White House now or ever, and I for one am pretty f*cking glad of that."

According to Jong-Fast, friends of the Trump kids have also been turning on them and the events on Wednesday are not making matters any better, writing, "that people are sort of panicking: 'a lot of Jared & Ivanka friends are either posting political things on their account for the first time or they are frantically Hearting other people's posts.'"

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