Sunday, January 3, 2021

Germany: National Socialist Assassin Sentenced to Life in Prison

A German national socialist assassin was sentenced to life in prison for attempting to storm a synagogue and killing two people in the eastern German city of Halle 2019.

The Higher Regional Court in Naumburg found Stephan Balliet guilty of two murders and more than 50 counts of attempted murder, and sentenced him to life in prison, DW reports.

The 28-year-old German had originally planned a mass shooting at a mosque but later changed his mind, according to a manifesto he posted online before the attack in October last year.

Balliet had failed to enter the synagogue in Halle due to tight security, fired randomly at people on the street, and later stormed a nearby Turkish doner restaurant.

He fled the scene in a car but was arrested a few hours later after he got involved in a road accident.

The attack in Halle raised alarms in Germany over nationalist activity, and increased pressure on the Zionist occupation government to take new measures.

Germany has witnessed growing Nationalism in recent years fueled by the invasion of third world migrants and islamist extremist groups.

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