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Covert Covid Jews


In my first article Some Jews Involved in the Great Covid Reset, we exposed Jews operating at key positions in the greatest influence over our world at this time, and perhaps for much of human history, the Covid-19 phenomenon. While some Jewish media continues to develop the view that “conspiracies” abound that Jews are responsible for covid, other Jewish media celebrates the role of Jews in covid. Even what claims to be Christian media takes note of the Jewish role in covid promotion and profiteering. As the world-transforming influence of covid continues to intensify, the following is a further investigation into other Jews of prominence and power pushing and profiting from a covid agenda.

Albert Bourla

Chairman & CEO, Pfizer Pharmaceutical, DVM, PhD

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals has emerged as one of only a few top covid vaccines being distributed around the world at this time, along with Moderna (AstraZeneca is another). Already we are seeing vaccine injury, referred to as “health impact events”, compiled by the US Center for Disease Control’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). As of December 18th, ACIP reported 112,807 people had received the Pfizer vaccine in the US, with 3150 “health impact events”, defined as “unable to perform normal daily activities, unable to work, required care from doctor or health care professional”. This comes to a staggering 2.7%, far beyond similar metrics for covid itself. This is also only after the first dose, and two doses of the Pfizer covid vaccine are intended.

More on the damage Pfizer’s vaccine can do is presented in Pfizer’s own document of December 10th on its clinical trial results, chapter 5.2.6, which is surely understated. Children’s Health Defense also did an in-depth analysis of the damage mRNA vaccines can do and are already doing in this question format to the FDA. In summary: auto-immune damage, allergic reactions including anaphylaxis, PEG chemical poisoning, pathogenic priming, and more “adverse health events”.

Chairman and CEO of Pfizer is Albert Bourla. Bourla is a Veterinary doctor, and his PhD in “biotechnology of reproduction” is from a veterinary school, yet he is overseeing the deployment of the new Pfizer mRNA vaccines to as close to all humans in the world as possible. We must wonder if his doctorate in the biotechnology of reproduction has anything to do with the news that mRNA vaccines could inflict sterility on vaccine recipients. A former Pfizer VP Dr. Yeadon and European medical administrator Dr. Wodarg present the science for the possibility of the vaccine preventing the formation of the placenta during pregnancy in their Petition to the European CDC (see section XI)

Bourla’s bio at Pfizer makes no mention of his racial/religious affiliations, except to misleadingly say “He began his Pfizer career in 1993 in the Animal Health Division as Technical Director of Greece.”

We gain some clue to Bourla’s heritage from the Atlanta Jewish Times article, which says his “…parents survived the Nazi devastation of the Jewish community in Thessaloniki, Greece” (While it is true some Jews from Thessaloniki were imprisoned by the National Socialists, their own accounts of the holocaust refute the official narrative). Bourla’s Wikipedia entry, however, is more helpful. It starts off stating Bourla “is a Greek business executive and veterinarian…”, but under Early Life we read: “Born into a Thessalonian Jewish family…”

Perhaps Bourla’s role at Pfizer trying to administer dangerous vaccines to all of humanity leading to possible sterilization, yet as a veterinarian, aligns with the extreme Talmudic view of all non-Jews as Goyim sub-human animals.

Mikael Dolsten, M.D., Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer and President, Worldwide Research, Development and Medical, Pfizer

Also at Pfizer is science officer Mikael Dolsten. The only reference to Dolsten’s potential Jewish heritage on his Wikipedia page states “He pursued scientific studies in immunology and virology 1981 at the Weizman Institute of Science in Rehovot Israel.” He is celebrated by Jewish media outlets such as the Jewish Telegraphic Agency as a “Jewish Immigrant” (who hopes the US stays a melting pot).

Like many covid Jews, Dolsten had close connections with the topmost levels of US government. “Mikael advised the Obama Administration on regulatory and drug development issues as well as Vice President Biden’s Cancer Moonshot Initiative to accelerate cancer research,” according to his Pfizer bio. Dolsten is also on the boards of some of the biggest drug development and promotion organizations in the world, such as PhRMA, and the Accelerating Medicines Partnership, a public-private partnership that includes the National Institute of Health. As most have noticed, it is the NIH sub-agency National Institute for Allergic and Infectious Disease (NIAID) from which covid front man Anthony Fauci, non-Jew, is operating.

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency article of November 16th reports that when Dolsten found out from preliminary trial results the new Pfizer vaccine “was over 90% effective, he and his colleagues literally leapt with joy at a corporate office in Connecticut.” Not surprising, given the immense profits Pfizer is already making as the vaccine deploys in the US and around the world. Dolsten’s joy was presumably not dimmed by analysis showing “no supporting data for the claim” of 90% effectiveness, despite extensive efforts to find such data.

Drew Weissman

University of Pennsylvania Pereleman School of Medicine, Professor, MD, PhD

Similar to Charles Lieber’s nanotech research leading to today’s applications of the technology in medicine from the first essay in this series, Drew Weissman’s RNA research is the “Technology (that) Helped Make the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Possible”, and the “technology the promising (Pfizer) vaccine is based on”. Weissman’s bio at UPenn states: “Dr. Weissman’s laboratory focuses on the study of RNA and innate immune system biology and the application of these findings to vaccine research and gene therapy.” In Penn Medicine News, “Through research conducted in Penn laboratories beginning decades ago, Drew Weissman… discovered in the early 2000s that introducing certain chemical modifications into messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) molecules can greatly increase its therapeutic potential—a discovery that plays a critical role in two of the leading COVID-19 vaccine candidates that rely on the use modified mRNA being separately developed by Moderna and Pfizer…”

Further, “Dr. Weissman will discuss the science and impact of the groundbreaking research that resulted in this fundamental discovery about mRNA biology that has helped pave a path to these new modified mRNA vaccines soon to be deployed in the global fight against COVID-19.”

Of note, sponsor and patron of Weissman’s department at UPenn Ronald Perelman is a multi-Billionaire Jew with a trail of corruption and dirty dealing—what his Wikipedia entry calls “controversy”.

Susan Ellenberg PhD

Professor of Biostatistics and Epidemiology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Another Professor at UPenn, Susan Ellenberg, got her original degree in Social Relation/Mathematics and a PhD in Statistics. She now works in the Perelman School of Medicine at UPenn in the Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Informatics. Her Clinical Expertise includes clinical trial methodology—such as the recent covid vaccine trials—as well as Bioethics.

Ellenberg co-authored a paper with a Chinese-America CDC researcher back in 1998 titled “The complicated task of monitoring vaccine safety”. The abstracts starts out asserting vaccines are “our most cost-effective medical interventions”. It does admit vaccines “are not without controversy. Vaccines, like all other pharmaceutical products, are not entirely risk-free…” Ellenberg and colleagues must interpret the data for us all “to ensure public confidence in immunization programs”. Hold that thought.

Ellenberg also co-authored a number of papers about Data Monitoring Boards, supposedly independent bodies that oversee clinical trials. The abstract of her paper published in 2015 titled “Data monitoring committees for pragmatic clinical trials” states: “…protocol adherence is often purposefully not addressed in pragmatic trials in order to accurately represent the clinical practice setting and maintain practicability of implementation; there are differing viewpoints as to whether adherence should be assessed and acted upon by DMCs in these trials.” Hold that thought too.

In 2016, she was co-author of the paper “Data Monitoring Committees — Expect the Unexpected”. It asserts trial “monitoring is motivated primarily by an ethical imperative”. Of course it is. “To allow investigators and sponsors to manage the trial without bias, as well as to ensure an objective assessment of the accumulating data, independent committees, known as data monitoring committees (DMCs), (or) data and safety monitoring boards (DSMB)… are established to perform this monitoring function and to make recommendations regarding trial modifications, including early termination, to investigators and sponsors.”

Ellenberg’s 2018 paper “Rigorous Clinical Trial Design in Public Health Emergencies Is Essential” states: “Improved planning and collaboration among research and humanitarian organizations, and affected communities, in the interepidemic periods are needed to ensure that questions regarding the efficacy of vaccines and treatments can be definitively answered during future public health emergencies.” We will see how well she answers the vaccine question during the current covid emergency.

All this becomes more relevant when we learn that Susan Ellenberg was a member of the Data and Safety Monitoring Board that evaluated the Operation Warp Speed (OWS) Covid vaccine trials, focused primarily on the Moderna mRNA vaccine (the Pfizer vaccine did not participate in Operation Warp Speed). We learn this from the Penn Medicine News announcement of a “virtual press event” scheduled for December 14th, titled Health Policy Experts Join Together to Discuss COVID Vaccine Emergency Use Authorization Plans, “In conjunction with the FDA’s EUA Advisory Committee meetings… for the Pfizer / BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine and… for the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine”. EUA stands for Emergency Use Authorization, just one of the “warp speed” aspects of this unprecedented rapid development and deployment of vaccines. Ellenberg is described on this panel as “a member of the Data Safety Monitoring Board overseeing Operation Warp Speed’s COVID vaccine trials”.

Also on the panel was her Perelman School colleague Steve Joffe, another member of OWS’s DSMB. A name check reveals Joffe is most likely Jewish, since his name is “a Hebrew-language surname”, in common with a Russian physicist, Marxist revolutionary, Israeli general, reproductive rights advocate, former lawyer to Nelson Mandela and a rabbi, among others. So add dangerous lucrative vaccine promoter to the list. Another panelist was Jonathan Epstein, MD, Executive Vice Dean and Chief Scientific Officer, Perelman School of Medicine. Relationship to the infamous Jeffrey is unknown and not likely, but Jonathan’s Jewish identity is most certain. Drew Weissman, the mad doctor who invented the mRNA technology, previously reviewed, was also on this panel.

Let us return to another statement from Ellenberg’s publications. “This process (DCMBs) continued to evolve and became the general approach for most federally sponsored randomized trials during the 1970s and eventually for the increasing number of phase 3 industry-sponsored trials, with some modification of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) model.” That NIH model was “modified” by industry. Considering her role at OWS’s DSMB in 2020, we are reminded that Ellenberg reassured us in 2016 “The evolution of (DSMBs) continues as the art and science of clinical trial performance itself evolves.”

As was presented in my first article in this series, the OWS DSMB was anything but “independent”, as biotethicist Susan Ellenberg knows it should be. The National Institute of Health appointed the OWS DSMB, but the NIH itself owns significant patent rights on the Moderna vaccine its Board was assigned to monitor. A more clear conflict of interest could not be imagined. And the NIH at least partially funded some of Ellenberg’s research papers.

So it is shocking to consider just how lax Ellenberg’s DSMB was in releasing the Moderna mRNA vaccine. My previous essay details the fraudulent process for establishing “effectiveness”, as well as some of the declared and known safety hazards of that vaccine the DSMB was supposed to evaluate. Dr. James Lyons-Weiler declared that the Moderna vaccine showed a 21% “adverse health event” incidence, a staggering amount. He also expressed his outrage that animal trials were circumvented, despite Lyons-Weiler’s attempts to urge the trials to include them, since animal trials are most likely to catch pathogenic priming, a phenomenon where good immunity seems to be conferred by the vaccine, only to see extreme auto-immune response upon encounter with the natural disease. In previous animal trials, all of the test ferrets, the animal with an upper respiratory tract most similar to humans, died. This is most likely why animal tests were skipped in the Moderna trials, and Ellenberg and the DSMB let it slide. This is surely what she meant by “the evolution of DSMBs” as an art and science: the art and science of waiving dangerous, unnecessary and ineffective vaccines rapidly past monitoring, and into people’s bodies at “warp speed”. The real warping was in the monitoring.

Because of the OWS DSMB, Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar was emboldened to make the following statement on November 18th: “Because of President Trump’s founding and leadership of Operation Warp Speed, even as we face daunting epidemiological trends around the country, we have reasons for optimism. With Monday’s announcement from the independent data and safety monitoring board for Moderna’s candidate vaccine that it showed about 95 percent efficacy, we now have two safe and highly effective vaccines that could be authorized by the Food and Drug Administration and ready to distribute within weeks.”

They are all in it together against the rest of us. Under-tested, rapidly and insufficiently approved mRNA vaccines are now upon us. And the pharmaceutical companies, the government, and those who manufacture and administer the vaccines have no liability. A recent Israeli news report made that clear. That certainly makes it easier to pass monitoring.

I could not find a single reference to Ellenberg’s racial/religious affiliation, nor any mention of her personal life. Strangely, this is not available from the usual sources or any other I could find. For all we know, this is a married name, but based on name, typical behavior and other affiliations, we should suspect Ellenberg is Jewish.

Even More Jews in the Great Covid Reset

In my next article, we will explore still more of those Jews who operate within the global medical Cartel who are imposing and exploiting the Covid phenomenon for profit and control. An examination of the Jewish involvement in the epicenter of the Great Reset itself, the World Economic Forum, should complete the study—though this series could go on almost indefinitely. Jews constitute .2% of the world’s population, but to say they are over-represented in 2020’s Great Reset process is a gross understatement.

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