Saturday, January 23, 2021

America Will Become A One Party State In The Near Future.....

Well the entire nation saw what I have been stating since March of last year; Joe Biden would become the president of the United States no matter what anyone tried to do to stop it. This was clear the moment that the Black Freemason Jim Clyburn gave his support to Biden and since that time, I have told people to stop voting; though to be very clear, I have been telling people since 2009 to stop voting in these so called “elections” and the ones who have listened to me and have left the land since that time have never been more happier. I know that many more will leave the country now that Biden has been selected as the next president and it should become very apparent, even to the white idiots who supported Trump, that the agreement between Jews and Masons will go forward with the Senate fully under control of the Zionist Jew, Chuck Schumer, and the White Freemason and Zionist, Mitch McConnell. There is no other option left as the country has always been a one party state with both Democrats and Republicans doing the bidding of Freemasons and Jews of the entire corporate state. Some people have been openly calling for violence and a “civil war” but there is no political discourse between both major parties like there was during the first civil war in 1861. That is why the national guard is still out in force and law enforcement has been out rounding up anyone making “threats of violence” or planning those so called threats. The options are very clear now for anyone who has been dissatisfied with the current political affairs throughout the land; they can finalize plans to leave this evil country for a life overseas and live out the rest of their lives in peace, they can join other political movements, or they can do what many have already done in America and that is simply ignore whatever happens politically and live out the rest of their days in another reality and let the so called leaders run and ruin the nation into the ground. For any acts of violence will be quickly put down by the so called leaders as both Democrats and Republicans are conservative parties who do not want to change in any way the status quo of the nation at all as it currently benefits the Elitist Jews and White Freemasons who run this very land. Still there might be some form of hope for those who supported the rise and fall of Donald Trump as Trump has been stating that he wants to run again for president in 2024 and that he might do so as a third party candidate. Those who have run for office as a third party candidate are never able to fully succeed and ascend to the office of the presidency as the 2 party system is way too dominant to be destroyed completely. However, if Trump was to go ahead and do this, he would essentially end the so called conservative movement of the Republican party and allow for Democrats to further consolidate their own power for many decades to come. Of course there is also the scenario where the so called moderate republicans would cross over and become democrats and push the democrats to become even more conservative but the likeliest outcome is that the fringe republicans will leave and join Trump's “Patriot Party” and thin out the ranks of the republican party and allow for Democrats to fully realize the one party corporate political state. Thus, the full transformation of American political life will become realized as the nation becomes a one party state under the Democrats just like China is a one party state under the Chinese Communist Party. Please do not be fooled to think that the nation needs another conservative party, such a delusional idea will never happen. The only way to actually remove Trumpism from the party is to convict and bar him from seeking office again and allow for the donors to use their money to back only republicans opposed to Trumpism so that the fringe republicans will leave the ranks of the party. I fully do not even believe that Trump will be able to form a third party as his movement will be destroyed thanks to the corporate donors making the choice for the republicans. If the Lord has his way I will have left this evil land by then or I shall likely be killed by the powers that be as they seek to silence my words that expose their evil plots against all of God's children. It will be a very interesting 4 years to come but do not think that the nation will survive whatever hardships comes its way. That is why I have attached the following YouTube videos for others to watch and read this article and see for themselves that they have just 4 more years to finalize their plans to flee this land before it fully becomes a third world cesspool. We all have 24 hours in a day to be productive and realize our dreams and goals, it is only a matter of what you will prioritize with your own 24 hours that God has given you to fully realize and accomplish your goals and leave this country for a life of peace and safety elsewhere.

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