Thursday, December 24, 2020

Words Of Encouragement For Donald Trump

Earlier today, I was scrolling through my Google newsfeed and I came across an article from Business Insider that stated Donald Trump is now planning to completely destroy the Republican Party due to his loss at the November 3rd election. I will write this post in a more sympathetic tone with Donald Trump. I have written many times on this very website about how he has always been a freemason, a white idiot and now a white jackass. All of those things are true and he has done more to prove those very words to be true, but today, I will write this post to encourage him to take my words of advice and to finally destroy the Republican Party for a numerous amount of reasons. When Trump decided to run as a Republican and he then won the primaries in 2015-2016, he never had the support of the Republican establishment like Mitch McConnell. He was able to unify them behind him with a promise to help them win and maintain power as long as they backed him and protected him from the Democrats. He was able to hold his end of the bargain by appointing judges, giving tax cuts, and pursuing so called conservative principles. When the election was through and it was apparent that he had lost, he expected his party to join him to overturn the results and most Republicans went ahead with his wild claims of voter fraud as he lost cases in all levels of the American court system resulting in the Electoral College declaring Joe Biden the victor on December 14, 2020. Soon after that moment, the freemason, Mitch McConnell, recognized Biden and Kamala Harris as president-elect and vice president-elect, much to the disgust of Trump.

Just two days ago, Trump came out in favor of 2,000 dollar checks and has threatened to veto the COVID-19 stimulus bill. Please do not be deceived about all of this; Trump has been pushing for larger direct payments to the American people since the beginning of the summer but his own party has been telling him that they don't want to go larger than the 1200 dollar check that was issued in March as a part of the CARES stimulus act. In fact, it was reported just last week on the Washington Post that Trump wanted 2000 dollars as a part of the relief bill but his own advisors told him that it would derail the progress in the current negotiations with the Democrats on passing another relief bill. I would say that it is likely that Trump is now seeing that the Democrats and the Republicans care very little for the American people and that he will try to force his own party to care about the needs and the economic suffering of the American people. Yet I know how American politics works and Trump didn't come out in favor of the 2000 dollar direct payments because he actually cares for the people but because he wishes to stick it once and for all to the Republican Party.

There has been speculation that Trump will attempt to squat in the white house on January 20, 2021 even after Congress certifies the Electoral College votes (this will happen despite his own party willing to go along with a vote to try and go against the will of the people) but that would have disastrous consequences. He will have to go through the disaster of having his own enemies gloat and make his entire presidency a meme on social media and it would basically make it impossible for him to try and run again in 2024, like he wants to do. Trump should instead do the following things in order to destroy the Republican Party once and for all and to make sure that they are no longer a viable political entity in the nation for many years to come. For it has become apparent to the MAGA fans that Trump was made out to be the sacrificial lamb in the 2020 election season as the Republicans used his name and political clout to keep their senate majority and to gain more power throughout the land. First, Trump must tell his MAGA fans in Georgia not to vote in the January 5, 2021 senate run off elections in that state so that Democrats can easily win the senate and further destroy the Republican party. Then, he should create his own media company and use his 88 million Twitter followers as bait to charge and to spread more “disinformation” so that less people will vote Republican in the 2022 and 2024 election season. That way, he can leverage his 75 million vote count in the 2020 elections against the entire Republican party and to finally put a nail in their coffin. On the upcoming COVID-19 stimulus bill that is being flown to him as we speak, he should simply do a pocket veto so that the federal government will shut down on December 28, 2020 and so that the entire nation will also shut down as they have forcibly shut down the business and lives of many other Americans as well.  Let's remember, Trump thought that by running for president, he would be able to re-direct money towards his business ventures and he was counting on using the pretext of a strong economy to stay in power for another term but alas, God created COVID-19 and here we are now. He must use his political power to finally put a nail in the political coffin of the entire Republican establishment and their entire leadership so that they can pay the ultimate political price for going against him and for using his own name for their own political survival while they left him to fend for himself. For what goes around, shall indeed come around in the name of American politics! 

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