Saturday, December 12, 2020

White Nationalists Jailed for Plot to “Kill Black South Africans”

Two white nationalist men have been convicted for "terrorist offences", after they allegedly planned a series of "racially-motivated attacks" as part of the South African Crusaders group.

Two men who formed a white nationalist cell have been put behind bars this week, more than a year after they were arrested for planning "extremist activities". The Crusaders group, who allegedly "plotted to overthrow the government of South Africa through a series of strategic attacks", were rumbled by the Hawks 13 months ago, The South African reports.

Police say that Eric Abrahams and Errol Abrahamas – both in their fifties – had targeted key military and police locations. Their alleged plan also involved a desire to kill SA’s negro citizens by "blowing-up" informal settlements. The white nationalists were charged for the following offences:

Count 1: Preparing and planning to carry out terrorist attacks – 15 years’ imprisonment, with seven suspended
Count 2: Financing of specified offence (terrorism) – five years of imprisonment.
Count 3: Unlawful possession of a prohibited firearm – five years of imprisonment
Count 4: Unlawful possession of a firearm- five years of imprisonment.
Count 5: Unlawful possession of ammunition – five years of imprisonment.
Count 6: Unlawful possession of more than 200 cartridges- five years of imprisonment.
Total sentence: Counts 2-6 will run concurrently with Count 1, putting the suspects behind bars for eight years.

The diversity infected South African Police Service have since issued a statement on the Crusaders matter, following their conviction:

"Two members of the ‘Crusaders’ right-wing organisation, Eric Donald Abrahams (55) and Erroll Abrahams (50) were found guilty, convicted, and sentenced today in the Middelburg Regional Court for contravention of Protection of Constitutional Democracy Against Terrorism and Related Matters Act (POCDATARA). They prepared and planned to carry out terrorist attacks on government institutions and the African population in South Africa on 28 November 2019. The two formed part of the Crusaders organisation that planned and conspired to overthrow the democratically elected Government of South Africa and replace it with a Government led by the group."

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