Monday, December 28, 2020

White Girl Sings Along with a Black Song, Gets Kicked Out of College

Should we avoid all black people, and all things black culture? It seems the answer is yes because to not do so can have disastrous repercussion.

According to the New York Times, a White girl Mimi Groves, recorded herself singing along with a rap song and said the word ‘nigger’ when she was 15 years old. A young black man, Mr. Galligan, age 18, was forwarded the video years later and decided to get some of that ‘social justice’ done, and reported Mimi Groves to her dream college, University of Tennessee. Of course, the university ordered Mimi Groves to be withdrawn from the college immediately.

After the video Mimi Groves had sent to a friend when she was 15 was shared publicly, people on social media said the University of Tennessee should revoke her admission.

This is is not the first time a White person has been harmed by a black person for what seems to be an innocent appropriation of black culture. Others who innocently sung along with black rap, or used the word Nigger in a black-slang reference, have all found themselves in deep trouble with the social justice warriors. It has even come to my attention that Whites who do not shun, or otherwise scold Whites who dare utter the word ‘nigger’, are cited as condoning the ‘blatant racism’ and are disciplined as if they said the word themselves. Of course, black people who use the word ‘nigger’ in any context are not condemned or disciplined.

Mr. Galligan had not seen the video before receiving it last school year when he and Ms. Groves were seniors. He saw his chance to get some social-justice and took it.

It is the opinion of this article that Whites should at all cost avoid black people, and refrain in engaging in any black-slang or black cultural activities, for doing so is clearly hazardous to your future!

Further reading: Jimmy Galligan, Moral Monster

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