Saturday, December 12, 2020

The Benefits of Universal Basic Income (U.B.I.)

I would like to apologize for the lack of personalized content in the past several weeks as I have had to work 75 hours a week to make up for my lost income due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  However, i am now in a better place economically and even socially as I was able to break away from a toxic relationship that grew strained as the person wasn't willing to make herself emotionally available because of her selfish nature as a person.  I am back and will try to write more about topics that catch my attention as I continue towards the end of this year.  As everyone knows, we are currently living under a pandemic, much to the disagreement of many American idiots who would like to pretend that no one is dying or suffering thanks to the physical, psychological, emotional, economic, and political strains all caused by the virus.   All that was horrible before the pandemic has been made even worse. Yesterday, while at work, I received a YouTube notification on my Pixel 5 cellphone that one of my subscribers, Second Thought, had uploaded a new video about a post capitalist future.  While I do not agree with all of his ideas, at the very least his ideas are well thought out and are worthy of a share even though I am very skeptical of any system that forces people to adhere to tenets that they disagree with.  I wish for absolute freedom for all people, to be able to join and leave all systems as they see fit without any form of coercion into any political or economic systems.  For this would value the opinions and the lives and decisions of all human beings and would allow them to freely associate and disassociate as they see fit.  

That leads perfectly into the title of this topic, even as I have linked some URLs to Second Thought's videos about the future of capitalism and the pros and benefits or UBI, I simply post these articles and postulates for those are have an open mind and are seeking to try and make positive changes to this world or die trying in such a vain.  The concept of UBI is actually agreed upon by people of vast different economic and political spectrums and has the ability to end or severely reduce poverty.  The concept of UBI has existed since the 16th century as it helped the artists of the Italian Renaissance create art and writings that allowed Europeans to move past the failures of the feudal system and the black plague.  UBI is an idea to end competition over scarce materials and to create a society where working for an actual income would be optional for people and would allow them to pursue matters of interests.  The idea of decoupling human value from work has been branded as "extreme" and "crazy" because the idea of giving away money is considered too insane because of the costs associated with UBI.  Yet no one speaks up against paying for healthcare, infrastructure, wars, etc but human society has accepted the need to pay for those things.  Why  not continue the evolution and progress of mankind by providing a valid safety net for all of humanity?  It is already shown that social security, retirement, food stamps, etc have not fully worked to keep people out of poverty as the system cannot withstand the increased numbers of unemployed Americans seeking more economic help due to the economic impact of the coronavirus.  Another argument against UBI is that it would encourage people to be lazy but that has easily been debunked by looking at places that UBI has been already implemented.  These places, including Alaska in the United States, has not led people to stop working but it has reduced mental stress, physical pain, and to ease the pain of falling into poverty.  We have the ability as a society to ease the pain and suffering of others but why won't we do this?  Obviously because we have chosen to make life harder than it truly needs to be.  Please try and read the links and the prior portions of this article with an open mind.  Allow yourself to at least allow for an open dialogue and discourse on the topic of UBI which would allow for a more empathetic society. Of course, the biggest problem with UBI might have to do with rent and the greedy nature of landlords but I am more than open to having such a discussion on that topic.  

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