Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Spain: Hitler Portraits, National Socialist Memorabilia Found in Raid on Arms Dealers

Aplethora of National Socialist memorabilia has been found alongside hundreds of guns and portraits of Adolf Hitler after police raided a warehouse in Spain.

Two Germans and one British man have been arrested under suspicion of leading an international arms ring that sold illegal guns, the Civil Guard said in a statement on Tuesday.

A total of 160 firearms, including submachine guns and 30 assault rifles, as well as 10,000 bullets and a grenade were uncovered in the raid across three locations in Andalusia, southern Spain.

Photos uploaded by the force show rooms full of Third Reich artefacts, including portraits of Hitler, National Socialist military uniforms, emblems and medals.

The collection, uncovered in the home of a German citizen reportedly linked to patriotic groups, was described as a "museum of Nazi-themed objects" by police.

The arrests came after a year-long investigation into a "spate of gun crimes" in the region.

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