Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Jewish Occupied German Government Approves €1 Billion Package to Fight ‘Racism’


Germany was conquered and divided in 1945, and though it was later reunified, it has never gained its independence. The country is ruled by ZOG, just like pretty much every other place in the world, with the exception of some remote tribal villages in the Amazon.

This is why the occupied government goes along with flooding the country with hordes of non-White aliens, giving them all sorts of welfare benefits, and encouraging the military-aged men to copulate with the German women, by consent or by rape. The crimes of the invaders are covered up and excused, but a regular German will be imprisoned if he or she opposes this genocidal operation, asks questions about the suppose crimes of his ancestors, or has any of the symbols of the last legitimate government of Germany.

While the German people are now being greatly damaged by the ZOG lockdown over the fake coronavirus pandemic, the occupied government has decided putting €1 billion into fighting “racist” Germans would be money well spent.

From Euractiv:

The German Cabinet Committee on Combatting Right-Wing Extremism and Racism agreed to 89 measures on Wednesday (25 November). This package, worth more than €1 billion, includes more aid for victims, changes to criminal law, and the move to replace the word ‘Rasse’ (race) in the German Basic Law.

The reason they are going to replace “Rasse” in the German Basic Law is because even recognizing different races is too close to what the “Nazis” did. There’s only one race, goyim, the human race. Oh yeah, and then there is the chosen tribe that is so godly that its rulership cannot be questioned.

Different from the word ‘race’ in English, the term ‘Rasse’ has Nazi-era connotations and suggests the division of people into categories. It is for this reason that Green party leader Robert Habeck and Vice President of the Schleswig Holstein Parliament, Aminata Touré, called for it to be replaced. In a June op-ed in the tageszeitung (taz), the pair wrote “It is time that we unlearn racism. All of them. A strong sign of this would be to delete the term “Rasse” from the Basic Law.”

It is absurd how they are trying to fight against “racism” by literally deleting the word “race.” How can there be racism if race does not exist, though? It’s really mind-zoggling watching this all unfold.

There is a ground-swell of Germans who are fed up with being invaded by hostile aliens, imprisoned for thought crimes, and ruled over by jewish supremacists. They will not be held down forever.

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