Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Iowa: FBI (White Freemasons) Investigates Spray Painted Bible Verse as “Anti-Semitic Hate Crime”

The FBI is surging investigative resources to the small city of Davenport, Iowa after a Rabbi reported a Bible verse sprayed on her Synagogue's property last Thursday. 

The Rabbi, Linda Bertenthal, said that the New Testament verse is anti-Semitic and intended to terrorize local Jews before Hanukkah. The message was quickly washed and nobody was hurt, but both Davenport police and the FBI are saying it is a hate crime.

The vandalism came a few days before a public Zoom meeting Bertenthal was slated to host for One Human Family, a "social justice" organization composed of local clerics that the Rabbi helps direct. The theme of the talk, in a remarkable coincidence, was going to feature a segment on the threat white nationalists and Christian extremists pose to Davenport. 

Rabbi Bertenthal is an aggressive ethnic activist in the Quad Cities, simultaneously supporting open borders for America, anti-segregation measures in Iowa, and Zionism for Israel -- where violent hate crimes against Christians and Arabs are common and often go unpunished. As a dual citizen, Bertenthal has remarked that her move to Iowa is the first time she has lived outside of Israel or California.  

According to Bertenthal, the Bible quote in question, John 8:44 ("You are of the devil...") was popularized by Robert Bowers prior to opening fire on a Synagogue in Pittsburgh over its role in refugee resettlement. She has in the past held religious mourning services for those shot by Bowers featuring local politicians and wealthy figures.  

There are currently no reported suspects or evidence linking anyone to the "hateful" Bible quote. 

Source: National Justice

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