Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Donald Trump's Next To Last Stand


Yesterday, I was scrolling through YouTube and came across breaking news about Donald Trump and his disapproval of the latest COVID-19 bill.  His primary objections were to the funds not going to the American people and most of the funds are going to foreign entities that also had nothing to do with COVID.  He wanted to increase the UBI or direct stimulus checks to the American people from 600 dollars to 2000 dollars.  He has stopped listening to this advisors and now may be plotting to make real plans to remain as president.  Sadly I believe that this is all a ploy to get people to relent on supporting Joe Biden as president and to make him look like a better alternative when he returns to run in 2024.  Sadly as well, he has now made it very likely that the Republicans will now lose the Senate as they will vote down the Democrat's desire to raise the UBI to 2000 dollars from the 600 dollars.  I believe that Trump has realized that the Republicans used him and had no desire to help him stay in office through the Electoral College. He thought that he had the loyalty of the party and now that he doesn't have that, he is now focused on trying to help the American people so that he can run again in 2024.  Sadly none of this will work as he will be likely arrested or tied up in courts for years after he leaves office.  How he leaves office will be up to him, either he will peacefully leave or he will be walked out of the white house.  Trump's next stand will be on January 6th, when congress will certify the Electoral College and will make it official that Biden will be the next president of the United States, just like I stated over 6 months ago.  After that point, on January 6th, Trump will try and squat in the white house only to be marched out of the white house on January 20th.  It will be quite a sight to see that happen in my lifetime though i remain skeptical that Trump would do something that would likely land him in prison.  In the end, we shall have to wait not too long to find out! 

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