Monday, November 23, 2020

The White Jackass Tucker Carlson Wears a Kabbalah Bracelet

It has been absolutely infuriating to watch supposedly “awake” people promote Tucker Carlson as some kind of mainstream hero. He is obviously a servant of the jews and this is just one more piece of evidence.

In Israel today, red string bracelets can be seen among all sectors of society, from the very religious to the completely secular. No longer limited only to bracelets, some men carry red strings in their wallets, and women who are pregnant, or trying to get pregnant, sometimes wear red strings around their waists. The trend went international, with red strings being worn by everyone from celebrities who bought them from the Kabbalah Centre, to pre-teens who picked them up at Target.

Note: Do not take the posting of this “Blackpilled” video as an endorsement of that content creator.

 Can't Cuck the Tuck?

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