Thursday, November 12, 2020

The Beauty Of Political Nihilism

Ever since the year 2009 when I was left to die merely because I was born with a pre-existing condition, I have been “checking things out” as to how things work in this world from the realms of politics to spirituality. It has led me to come full circle back to my own Christian faith that my own grandmother raised me with when I was born 34 years ago and to also see the world through shades of grey. One of the concepts that I always rail against is the voting process and not because I view such systems as illegitimate but also because I firmly believe that every human being is born free to do as they wish. That means that every human being, when born, can choose their own destiny to do as they wish so as long as they aren't using their own talents and abilities to destroy the lives of others. Now that very definition leaves room for others to interpret that loosely but it simply means that I will not coerce others into actions that goes against their own free will. That same definition also means that no one may choose a master over another human being in terms of voting another politician or leader over them. That is why I am fully against all political institutions of voting and so called democracy because it destroys the natural freedom of human beings and our free will to do as we will. Human should be free to enter and leave whatever political realms that fits within their own ideologies. That would mean that all people would be free to form their own collective communities to live in ways that they desire without doing harm onto others. Democracy perpetuates the lies of equality because we all know that we aren't born equal; everyone was born with some form of privilege and opportunities that are different from others. I, myself, was born into a wealthy family and was gifted with certain abilities but it took the love and care of my grandmother to nurture those talents of mine but I was born into a better situation than others in my own age group. That myth of equality does not exist though I firmly believe that fairness and equity must also be there in this world or rampant injustices will destroy the chances of others. My political views are very similar to anarchism for it will allow mankind to realize their full potential. No human being connected through the ficitious nature of so called race, religion, class, etc but only united by the common desire to do good onto others and live for each other. A money-less society where people would trade their talents and abilities for all of their needs and then some. Such a world might seem like an afterthought, a dream of sorts, but it can be done if mankind breaks free of the chains of modern day politics and Jewish economics of enslavement. In the upcoming weeks, I will be sharing some more articles and writings about how mankind can go about creating and implementing a cashless society so that no human being would have to pay simply to live on this planet. Such an idea seems like an illusion but we must try to better this world for future generations or else everything that our ancestors fought and died for shall go to waste. Maybe a combination of political nihilism and christian nihilism is the answer but we will never know the answer unless we try to experiment with different ideas instead of continuing down the same path of insanity that has led mankind to its near stage of extinction.

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