Saturday, November 7, 2020

“Hitler is Right” Posters Were Found at a Florida University

Florida Gulf Coast University has more to worry about than a coronavirus outbreak.

University administrators confirmed three National Socialist posters were found affixed to campus buildings over the weekend.

NBC2 reported one of the signs said "Hitler is right." A screenshot shows a poster with a picture of Hitler. Below is an ad for the White National Socialist website as Folkish Resistance Movement.

University’s President Mike Martin released a statement on Facebook Sunday about a "disturbing incident".

"Over the weekend, someone(s) posted the deeply offensive messages on-campus buildings. To be clear, this is anathema to the values, standards, and conduct of our university community," it said. "If the responsible party(ies) are discovered to be associated with FGCU, that association will end immediately. If we discover this is the work of outsiders, we will send the unambiguous warning they are not welcome on this campus."

The university, several miles south of Fort Myers in Southwest Florida, said that the two posters placed in Edwards Hall and Marieb Hall were taken down.

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