Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Congresswoman whisked from NC polling precinct after ‘maskless white man’ shows up with gun


Rep. Alma Adams (D-NC) was forced to quickly leave a polling precinct in Charlotte on Tuesday after a man showed up with a gun.

An image of the man and details of the incident were shared on Twitter by Charlotte Agenda, which offers itself as a visitor’s guide to the city.

“As several prominent local female politicians spoke at precinct 212, one of the largest Democratic polling places in the state, the event was cut short when a maskless white man open carrying a gun showed up and began circling the property,” the tweet explained. “Congresswoman Adams was quickly whisked away, and Mayor Lyles left soon after. Poll watchers said the man was here for nearly an hour before heading in to vote.”

According to the report, officials took the man’s information and told him not to return.

“North Carolina is an open carry state, so he technically was not breaking the law. Still, voters and volunteers here are describing this as voter intimidation,” Charlotte Agenda noted in a subsequent tweet.

“If they saw a Black man with a gun they would have emptied the whole damn precinct,” poll watcher Tim Carmichael told Charlotte Agenda.

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