Thursday, November 5, 2020

America Is Officially A Failed State: The Lies Of American Exceptionalism Exposed For All To See

As the world sits and watches the circus that is the American election, there is a truth that I would like to mention to the world and that truth is that the ultimate blame for the demise of this nation lies at the very heads and hands of the white idiots who helped put Donald Trump into power and thus cement the failed state status of The United States Of America. We must sit back and think for a moment that despite all of the overwhelming amount of evidence of the lies, deceit, corruption, degradation of the armed forces, alliances with America's enemies, the nepotism, the narcissistic tendencies, and the lack of empathy to the suffering of his own fellow Americans, White Americans decided to still vote in excess of over 62 million towards Donald Trump, a man who had authoritarian ambitions to rule over the American people for many years to come. And yet to think that fellow American politicians backed his presidency despite the negative stain that it will ultimately have on their own careers for the rest of their lives. Still, what no one is even speaking about is the fact now that all of America's enemies, including China and Russia and other nations who do not hold free and fair elections will no longer pay a single attention to what any American official says about their own elections since the President of the United States has declared all American elections to be false and unfair. This has world wide repercussions for not only the United States' foreign policy but also the foreign policies of all American allies. This could have all been avoided by simply removing him from office but white idiots throughout this evil land have decided to support evil and God has repaid their own evil by killing them by the thousand through COVID-19. The nation is officially a failed state, a state that does not even provide its own citizens protection from a virus that other wealthy nations have done a great job protecting their own populations. If this was all a plot by China and Russia to weaken the United States so that they could dominate global affairs, then they have done a masterful job because the American people have long been divided since the election of Barack Obama in 2008. Now the time will come to see if the failed presidency of Donald Trump will unite the nation towards the path of reconciliation or if they will self destruct like many nations before them. I see no chances of the former but the later will happen as many Americans are now gathering their arms to slaughter each other as riots have broken out in the streets of Portland because Trump refuses to allow the count of all of the votes for fear and knowledge that he will likely lose and ultimately spend time in a New York State prison for his tax fraud and other constitutional crimes. This whole 4 years has also shown the weakness of American democracy for it has shown that the average intelligence of an American White is far too low to be able to comprehend the political machinations of their own country and the Republican Party is officially led by conspiracy theorists that prey on fear and ignorance of many White Americans. I implore all Americans to leave the nation in the next 4 to 10 years while there is still time and hope for I see no hope at all for this land. I made this realization on August 2009 when I was left to die simply because I did not have health insurance. Fortunately I was under the insurance of my own mother and that allowed the doctors to perform a lung surgery operation to save my own life from pnuemonia. It was at that moment that I saw first hand the deadly, sinful, greedy, and gluttonous evil that exists within this land in its medical care and I made a vow to use this second chance to raise myself up to my best abilities spiritually, physically, financially, and economically in order to leave this evil land before I turned 40 years old and thanks to the Lord I am very close to realizing that dream as I am within less than 4 years of completing that goal and leaving for a life of true peace and freedom in another land. I have left links to expound upon this topic and I would implore others to read these other links and articles to realize that all I am speaking is the truth and these nation's leaders need to FINALLY put aside their rubblish political ideology and remake the society into a more empathetic society, to stop the division, to unite as Americans, and to create a nation that is based on freedom, peace, equality, and better access to economic freedoms. We will see if they will make the right changes but I remain skeptical as there still remains a large void in leadership throughout the land that may never be filled. Time shall tell......

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