Tuesday, November 17, 2020

America Has Given Up On Defeating COVID-19

When I was driving home today I received a text from Harris County stating that cases of COVID-19 are rising throughout the city and that people should take precautions. Immediately I laughed and knew that once again this evil society and evil government was lying to its citizens in order to trap them into giving up their rights. The truth is the infection rate of COVID-19 is high but so is the survival rate as I have contracted the virus 3 times this entire year and yet I am still required to work 75 hours a week in order to avoid falling into poverty. There is also the argument that the American hospital system cannot handle such a high amount of patients in the ER from COVID-19. Well, the solution to that argument is very simple: shut down the entire country for 4 months so that people can no longer contract the virus so that the nation can flatten the curve and save as many human lives as possible. Whenever someone brings up this argument, the opposition states that the nation cannot afford it. Well, the solution to that problem is simple: abolish the military and the police force so that you can have the monetary resources to pay people 2000 dollars a month to cover their bills and forbid anyone from being evicted from their homes until the pandemic is over. The American government will have to do something that they despise which is they have to bail out the working class. The American people also do not have the willpower to sacrifice for the greater good and stop engaging in gluttony. They insist that it is their “right' and “freedom” to stuff their faces, drink as much alcohol as they can possibly imagine, and spread the virus to others so as long as they are happy with their own lives. These American idiots do not care for the fact that their actions is causing suffering upon their fellow human beings as they have developed a complete lack of empathy as a nation. All great nations are measured NOT by their wealth but by their capacity to care for the sick, the weak, the elderly, and how they take care of their own people. The United States government has NO desire to actually take care of their own people, which is what is leading to its status as a failed state right before the eyes of the world. I do not expect any of the recommendations of the CDC to work because people are tired of face masks and social distancing because it goes against the very nature of the American people to trust most government agencies. I, myself, wear a face mask out of respect for the property rights of others not out of concern for the health of my fellow humans because these same humans would gladly stand by as I suffer and die and am forced to work and catch the virus merely to provide for myself and others. As soon as I get out of any building, I quickly take off the mask and go about my days because it is quite uncomfortable and simply a suppression of my own health merely to benefit the health of others who would gladly see me die than to try and assist me. Now that the world can see that the nation is collapsing and soon to no longer exist, I wonder if any Americans will flee the country before it is finished. Because the will to fight left the nation around the summer and they have accepted that they will either die or live with the virus. It needed not be this way if the American government cared about the lives of their own people. Then again, if you look at the public health figures of the land, they suffer greatly from many preventable diseases and infections because of the for profit healthcare system cares not about treating you BEFORE you get sick but only AFTER you are sick for that means that there will be greater profits to be made from the suffering of others. Such a sick society this nation has become but thankfully the Lord is coming down to cleanse them all of their wickedness and soon enough they will suffer greatly for turning towards greed and gluttony. For the natural order dictates that if you are unwilling and unable to correct systemic flaws in your society, your nation will crumble and be left in the ashes of time. It appears that the end of America is near and they have only themselves to blame for their own stupidity and demise.

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