Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Why Voting is A Waste Of Time



Last Saturday I was driving to do my weekend errands when I came across a sign on a church that read “vote according to how Christ would vote”. I immediately grabbed my sides and laughed for a good 3 minutes in disbelief that such American idiots who call themselves followers of Christ would even dare to try and equate the secular act of voting in fixed elections with the spiritual guide and vision that God provided in the Holy Spirit. First of all, any vote cast in any election is NOT secretive despite what the liars in the government would advise you to believe. For if such votes were secretive, how would they be able to gain access to such records when they inevitably try to persecute you for crimes against the states? Also, Christ has already commanded us all to not engage in secrecy as that is a grave sin. For to act in secrecy against your fellow man is to try and equate yourself to the Almighty God. It is that reason and that reason alone that I am openly against all Masonic signs and symbols as such images are satanic in origins and merely do the bidding of the Devil. For to cast a vote in “secrecy” gives rise to the idea of a secret government that we have had in this very land for over 200 years; the same government who goes out and does evil acts towards its citizens on a daily basis regardless of all of the evidence that myself and many other good people have shown to mankind.

Now, this is not to discount the actual secular reasons not to vote as due to the acts of gerrymandering and the refusal for the Jewish powers that be to enact rank choice voting on all levels of government for that would give the ultimate power to the power but we all know that “democracy” is yet another Jewish contraption of deception. I have attached a video from Second Thought on this matter for a full explanation. Yet the largest reason to avoid voting is that it perpetuates a false system of forcing your views on others. For if voting was a real tool to bring about real changes to an evil system, it would have been outlawed already. All voting does is force the myth of equality on mankind, the lies of the one person one vote belief that is crippling all real evolution of mankind. For we are not created equally and my vote is not the same as the vote of the black and white idiots all over this world. In a perfect world, only the smartest, kindest, and empathetic souls would rule this world and it would be guided by reason and love but alas, such a perfection does not exist for mankind is imperfect and thus the need for a savior in Jesus Christ. I already know that most Americans who are registered to vote and I would say almost 80 percent of the registered voters will cast a vote which will spell doom for the white idiot Donald Trump as Joe Biden was selected to replace him months ago. These same delusional souls will walk away thinking that they have made a positive impact merely to see the same injustices and systemic problems exist in America while they suffer and die a slow and painful death. The only way forward is through nihility and embracing the glory of the empty world to come and ending all existence on this planet. For if nothing remains, then nothing can ever be corrupted again as there would be nothing left to corrupt. People are slowly realizing this now and are coming to my website in droves to see how correct I have been for the past 6 years. I wait patiently to see how well my work has advanced mankind to the glory of God as I wait patiently for the empty world to arise from the depths of the evil of mankind.

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