Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Why I Never Date Single Moms.....

I have met so many women I swear that they are all the same

My appetite for love is now my hunger and pain

And when I'm feeling lonely, who's gonna comfort me?

My problem with all these women is, their insecurities!

Earlier today, I was wondering what to write about today and then I received a text from my future wife and I began to thank the Lord about how I met her at a time when I had given up on all women due to their evil nature. I have been through so many women that it all seemed hopeless, even reducing myself to trying to make it work with women who were going through a divorce. Around the time of June 2020, I decided to let my cousins try to introduce me to some of their friends who were single. I had met this beautiful Igbo girl named Ifeoma and we began to talk and through our conversations I discovered that she was a single mother. I knew that this was going to be a problem from the very start because she has a very young child at the age of 2 years old and I know that the child will ALWAYS come before my needs and I refuse to allow anyone to make me a secondary option especially since I will be married to the woman and she will not be married to her child. I deserve someone who makes me as much as a priority as my grandmother did for me the first 6 years of my life; it is that kind of love that I deserve as a child of God. As time went by, I never felt comfortable with the entire arrangement as the communication was far too inconsistent and she would only respond to my messages maybe twice a week at best and we would go days without talking. I knew right away that she, like all single moms, refuse to make any time for others and that she would lie about a lot of things like all Igbo women do. I had given up to the point of accepting my loneliness and isolation until I met Eghosa in September 2020; she showed me that there are good women who do exist, women who will make time for you because they like you and care about you. Women who understand that they must submit to the ideas set forth by the man instead of trying to force them into doing things that are un-natural to the natural order and to be fully against the evils of feminism. This is a story about hope though I do admit the poem and the link that I began this post with does not paint all women in a positive light. It was done though to show single mothers that I will never accept them nor shall I accept their children for a variety of reasons. 

The link to the article I sourced for this very post makes it very clear all of the reasons that I will never accept a single mother. It is a very odd post for me to make though because my own mother was a single mom, my adopted mom is a single mom, my best friend is a single mom, and my grandmother, who raised me, lived a life not too dissimilar from that of typical single moms. However, it is not about accepting the standards of an evil society or an evil world but doing what is in my own best interests as opposed to trying to make everyone else happy. Back in August 2019, I re-connected with an old high school friend who was falling in love with me and wanted me to grow close. We went on a few dates, had sex, etc but I knew that it was not going to work because she had made her son the number one priority in her life and I did not want to compete for her attention with her own child as I knew that was not a battle that I was going to win. I made it known to everyone that I had no such interest in being with a single mother and of course, the rest of western societies condemned me as being “selfish” for looking after my own needs and wants while they allow women to take a different approach to dating when compared to men. The biggest unmentioned elephant in the room is that a single mom has already made disastrous decisions in their lives with their own decision making in choosing to have un-protected sex with a stranger, ending a relationship pre-maturely, or ending a marriage and being happy to have destroyed a family for selfish reasons. The least likeliest scenario would be if she became a widow as a result of her boyfriend or husband losing his life, such a scenario is the least likliest and that obviously is out of her own control but still I do not wish that burden upon myself to even try to bond with someone else's child or deal with the child's family in any shape or form. In the 2 former situations, it is best to simply get an abortion or put the child up for adoption than to curse yourself to a life of a single mother. Imagine, a life being forced to raise a child that ends up a mistake simply because you refused to use birth control of some kind or simply refused to wait till marriage to have sex. I have never gotten a woman pregnant but I know that if that day was to occur, she would be forced to get an abortion. All I simply need do is call one of my horsemen, tell him the situation, she calls the girl and tells her the ramifications of her actions and she will get an abortion and move on with her life. I will NEVER let a woman trap me with a child simply because she wants children outside of first being married. I make no apologies for doing that because it is all about my own life first before I can be there for others. So while I know that women are entitled to their own choices as well, so are men and as a man, I have made it known time and time again, since 2016, that I do not even want to consider being in a relationship with ANY woman who is a single mother because they lack the time and the freedom of drama from their lives to accommodate what I need in my own life; it is really that simple for me!

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