Saturday, October 24, 2020

TikTok Says It Will Crack Down on Anti-Semitism, White Nationalism

Expanded rules against promoting "hateful ideologies" at TikTok include barring "misinformation and hurtful stereotypes" about Jews, Muslims and "other communities", the company said in a blog post.

Video snippet sharing sensation TikTok on Wednesday said it is cracking down on "hateful content", banning "anti-Semitic stereotypes" and "white nationalism posts".

"This includes misinformation about notable Jewish individuals and families who are used as proxies to spread anti-Semitism," TikTok said.

The platform has already banned posts denying the so-called "Holocaust".

TikTok will also remove posts "hurtful content" aimed at the Faggot community, including promotion of conversion therapy or the notion that sexuality is not innate.

Safety teams at TikTok already tasked with removing "hateful ideologies" such as "neo-Nazism" and "white supremacy" will now also take down content with "neighboring ideologies" such as white nationalism and "male supremacy", according to the company.

"As part of our efforts to prevent hateful ideologies from taking root, we will stem the spread of coded language and symbols that can normalize hateful speech and behavior," TikTok said.

Teams enforcing content rules are being trained to take into account nuances such as a member of a "disenfranchised group" using a slur as a term of empowerment, according to TikTok.

"On the other hand, if a slur is being used hatefully, it doesn't belong on TikTok," the company said.

Social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube have ramped up their battles against "politically incorrect" content as social justice warriors roil US cities and political rhetoric stokes racial division ahead of the US presidential election next month.

US President Donald Trump has threatened to ban the Chinese-owned social media giant if it doesn't hand over control of its US business to an American company by November 12, citing national security concerns.

TikTok's Chinese parent company ByteDance is in negotiations with Silicon Valley company Oracle and retail giant Walmart over its US operations, which include some 100 million users.


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