Sunday, October 25, 2020

There Shall Never Be A Second Civil War In America.....

I was browsing the internet a few days ago when the topic of the next civil war in the nation and if it were to occur regardless of the results of the November 3rd election. Let me be very clear; there shall NOT be another civil war in the country for a number of reasons. First, the corporatists (Jews and White Freemasons) will not allow for their power to be tarnished for the sake of white idiots who have taken an oath of loyalty to a white idiot president merely for the sake of false doctrines. They will make small reforms (reforms like increasing the minimum wage, paid sick leave, public health option for healthcare, among other economic reforms) to try and hold onto their power just like they did during the Great Depression. Now, I do not know if such reforms will work to placate the majority of the population but it will slow down talk of another civil war. What cannot be defeated in thought and opinion is that there will be violence after the results of the election. That much has already been agreed upon by both so called “liberals and conservatives” (white idiots) and law enforcement. The cops will do their “job” to prevent such acts of violence but the truth is that they are simply unable to have all of the resources and manpower to fight against millions of the population who do manage to stand up. 

Please let me be very clear, I do not advocate for violence, but I do understand why people are willing to take up their arms and fight against this corrupt and evil system. Because as I have stated time and time again, no amount of voting will work because voting would imply that the same system that created all of these problems will also by solved by the same systems and its mechanisms. Such systems must be completely destroyed, replaced, or altered or else it is a waste of time. I have advocated such simple ideas in my future book, The Eugenics Dogma, like banning all forms of lobbying, banning all forms of monetary contributions to campaigns, the adopting of ranked choice voting, making the election day a national holiday, stop closing all polling places, open more polling places, and allow mass amounts of mail in voting among many others. Such ideas are opposed by the Jews and their evil allies which is why there has been talk of simply disbanding the American experiment or taking up arms and claiming freedom by force. That is why I make my plea to the leaders (not the politicians but to the corporate owners and leaders), if you wish to keep your precious power, it is simply to give up more of the wealth so that you can keep the power. If they refuse to make this simple reform and to fix their economic, political, and societal issues, then the nation WILL fall to complete disintegration within the next 4 to 10 years. I am hopeful that they will listen to my words of wisdom as they might be wise to learn from the errors of history and take on some of the ideas learned during the Great Depression to make economic freedom a centerpiece of a new era of the United States. 

I have attached two links; one about the topic being discussed by Salon as shown during the interview of the article and how divided the nation is and another link about the rising unemployment rate (do not think that only 10 percent of the population is unemployed). If the false leaders of this land were wise to listen to me and make real reforms, maybe they can save their nation. I would prefer that they listen but I know the foolishness of human beings so I know that the land will collapse within 4 to 10 years and the American experiment will be considered a profound failure due to the idiots of the land letting themselves be divided by fictitious classification of race and the working class. Yet I am given pause to wonder if the destruction of this land would be a bad outcome because from the ashes of destruction, there can be new found hope. Look at what happened to the Baltic nation of Estonia; they were conquered by the Russians twice during the 20th century and have managed to have a peaceful and thriving society even after facing the complete destruction of their nation, history, and language. That is because they were able to make the correct kinds of political and economic changes to survive. I doubt the Americans can do such a thing due to their strong belief in false individualism and the cult of selfishness so they will simply die off. And from those ashes, there might arise a better group of Americans to lead the way, maybe allow for the land to become a one party state (the Republicans will cease to exist after the 2020 elections anyways) just like in China where both political and economic rights will be either championed or disavowed for the sake of national unity. It will be a very interesting 4 years to come for if I am alive to record it, I will be honored by God to be alive to witness either the fall or the return of the American state.

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