Monday, October 5, 2020

The Weakness Of The American Presidency Has Been Revealed For The World To See


It was once said by a famous Rothschild these very words: “Give me a nation's monetary policy and I care not who makes the laws of the nation”. These very words ring even more true to this day here in America as the vast majority of American idiots go around debating and discussing what will happen to their hapless nation once Joe Biden is selected to the office of the presidency. These same white idiots still cannot see that their entire nation from its very inception was always under the control of satanic forces, the Jews and the White Freemasons and all of their evil allies. They still go about partaking in voting with the misguided notions and thoughts of the world to see. In truth, I had no plans to even write such an article today as I was content to simply post some of my works exposing the evil actions of the Elitist Jews and such topics of current events but I decided to write this article when I awoke today to such stupidity on my phone. When I woke up from my sleep a few minutes ago, I saw a message on my Facebook profile about a YouTube video I posted showing that Joe Biden has a 14 percent lead on Donald Trump. The comment was made by a typical white idiot who thinks that the American system of “democracy” is better left under the failed leadership of Donald Trump than under the “leadership” of Joe Biden. I quickly laughed at his comment and told him what I have been telling all people since 2014; it matters not who is selected (not a single American politician is elected to office because the votes are determined AFTER the votes have been cast) to the office of the presidency the same Jewish and Masonic chess masters are STILL calling the shots in Jewmerica. But this also gave me pause to wonder why many people in this idiotic world still cling to the false notions of failed systems designed by false leaders who worship false gods and believe in false ideals. It has been revealed to the world during the time of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that such ways of this world will NEVER lead to any real salvation or hope but that the only real hope left in this world is to embrace the Peace of God and to turn away from supporting such evil or face the ultimate destruction of your very soul.

The rest of the world has been awakened to the fact that no matter who sits on the office of the American presidency, not a single positive event will happen to this world or to the American people. There will be still bombs dropped on civilians that are made with flags of the United States, there will still be almost 1 million people walking around homeless in this nation, there will still be a divisive and misinforming media empire controlled by a small set of Jewish companies, there will still be economic enslavement led by the Jewish Federal Reserve, there will still be divisions between Jewish contraptions called liberals and conservatives (so called Democrats and Republicans), and there will still be no real education or healthcare reform in this evil country. The eyes of the world has been awakened to all of this and they have to thank the white idiot Donald Trump for showing the world that you can literally place ANYBODY on the office of the American presidency and not a single positive change of direction will take place or take root in any way for the American people. The myth of the American dream wrapped up in the lies of American exceptionalism has been an illusion that most of the world knows to be the truth except the idiots who dwell within the lands of the United States. The neo-liberal world order has been effectively destroyed thanks to the failed presidency of Donald Trump and that is why the American political elites will see to it that Trump is “voted” out of office and Joe Biden will be selected to replace him and begin to make moderate changes (I did an early article on the Joe Biden coalition) will begin to take root to try and save the nation from imploding. The American state has been in severe decline since the 1970s but now it is facing a full blown collapse; it can still be saved but the American elites must make economic reforms to keep the power but allow for the transfer of wealth to be redistributed to the American people or else the nation will fall like all other nations before it. There also must be a change in the American cult of the individual where bonds of connectivity must be woven together based on shared tangible principles and not the lies of “freedom” but an embrace of the social democracies of Europe that says that no matter your background you will be taken care of by the state in terms of education, healthcare, political and economic opportunities. Such an idea would break hundreds of years of the greed and gluttony that is embraced by the idiots in this evil American state. I am anxious to see what can happen in the next 4 years but I am here to state that such a change in culture will never take share unless a mass purge of the society begins as soon as possible.

It is how the Chinese were able to rise so quickly in the later portions of the 20th century, the vast developments made in China that began with the great purges of the weak led by Mao to rid the nation of the weak to cement a better way moving forward. Such an idea is found repulsive by most western societies but it is merely an advanced form of Eugenics that we helped to create in the first place, a mass killings of the weak within the human species so that only the strongest of mankind are allowed to live and lead the rest into a better way, a better world. It is far from a surprise that China has risen in prominence because Napoleon once called them the world's sleeping giant and that if China awakens, they can rule this world due to their history, resources, inventions, etc. Now, I am not one to support such a rise because I know that the same evil men who rule America also rule China, they are just changing nations to blend in and to continue to do evil in all nations of this world. Yet I am given pause to wonder if such a world where the American nation loses its status as the world's lone “superpower” would not be a great benefit to the American people? The nation's resources are being wasted on military expenditures, a militarized police force, welfare for corporations, and money into the pockets of Jews and Masons and their evil allies. If America is no longer a superpower, there might be some hope that those same resources can be funneled into providing a better life for the American people, to make a myth and lie of the American Dream a reality. Such an idea is probably wishful thinking on my own part but maybe it can be a sign of hope in these dark times we live in.

The clown and circus show of the Trump presidency, from the removing of “disloyal” cabinet members, to the mass resignation of officials, to the laughable and immature tweets, to the overt racism, to the misuse of political power, and many other offenses has shown the world that America should not be a world leader because they have allowed their own political process to become a joke and to allow for the selection of a president like Donald Trump. To be quite truthful, Trump probably feels used merely to advance the power structure to merely appoint so called conservative judges and now sees the writing on the wall that he will not win no matter what and will seek to find a way to avoid prison time or be tied up in the American court system. America has no power to influence any nation any longer and can no longer be looked upon as a leader in this world. That is precisely why China is rising throughout the world and why America is going to end in the next 4 years unless massive changes occur in its domestic politics. The fault has always lied with the American people to even think that they have a real choice as to who gets to be president of their own country; such a choice is made for them to have a corporate lackey who puts on a blue tie or a red tie. What the people actually wants never makes it to the federal level and it barely even gets touched on the local level either. The most intelligent of Americans know this and have abandoned the entire political process, which is why there is a mass movement to get people registered to vote since only 55% of the nation voted in the 2016 presidential elections anyways. The people know that the president whom is elected will want to make changes but the real power in America is controlled by Congress (whom are bought and paid for by corporate interests) and the Federal Reserve (which is fully controlled by Elitist Jews). The nation's leaders knows that they lack any kind of legitimacy to rule if less than 55% of the population votes in the elections. Sadly I see a mass movement of people voting in the elections to give the American government their desired legitimacy but still do not expect to see any real changes made to this nation at all. It is best to do what I and many others have done, give up on this evil world and seek hope in the afterlife to be reunited with those we love and have lost and to have a place by the side of The King, Jesus Christ.

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