Saturday, October 3, 2020

The Donald Trump Error Is Over


On Thursday October 1, 2020 it was revealed to the world that the White Idiot, White Freemason and the Zionist Donald John Trump has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and my prayers are with the virus for a variety of reasons. It was due to his refusal to actually take the virus seriously that I contracted COVID-19 back in early March and once again when he forced the economy to reopen in June and I caught the virus again while I was working as a bartender surrounded by lots of other white idiots who have demanded that their “rights” to engage in greed and gluttony are more important than the overall health and well being of the entire nation. This is what happens when you allow evil men who would rather profit and have valued money over the sanctity of human life to lead the nation. My prayers are that the virus not only continues to infect him and all of his family and friends but also anyone stupid enough to go to his rallies to engage in the stupidity of a political rally in the middle of a viral pandemic and to eventually kill them all. Sadly the virus is not dangerous enough to all humans but people who are overweight and have underlying health condition as well as the elderly (all of which pertain to Trump) have greater odds of dying from the virus. Then again, one cannot be shocked when idiots are led by a clown and would willingly give their lives for someone who care very little for their own well being.

Still, there are many in the nation who doubt that Trump even has the virus but I have posted that he has been having difficulty breathing the past few days and he could very well be forced to either hand over power to his vice president: The White Freemason and Zionist Mike Pence or resign from the position of POTUS altogether. The later would be a more efficient outcome and would allow the nation to transition away from 4 years of failed leadership under an idiot who had no idea how to handle a pandemic that his own advisors warned him would define his presidency. Yet the conspiracy theories inside of me wonders if this was not the plan all along following the debate. It should be very clear to anyone with an IQ over 150 that Trump is NOT wanted within the leadership of the Republican Party and the events before and after the presidential debates have proven as much. Even before the debates, much has been made about the revelations of Trump's tax returns and the words that he used to describe the military and how some members of his own party have been whispering that it would be best for him to not even run for the office of the presidency. Just like I foretold months ago, an agreement is already in place for Joseph A. Biden to become the 46th president of the United States as the nation is preparing to return to its place as leader of the “free world” regardless of whomever the American people choose to vote for in the charade called the November 2020 elections. The outcome was decided months ago, yet idiots shall continue to remain idiots about many things.

At the very least, the virus has shown some of us what must be done to speed up the end of humanity. I have remained steadfast that unless the nation actually defeats the pandemic, life will never return back to what was considered “normal”. The nation needs to take heed from what other European Social Democracies have done: they must shut down all bars, all restaurants, all public gatherings of all kinds for a minimum of 4 months, ban all housing complexes from evicting all tenets and no one must be evicted from their homes, and we must give each citizen of this land $2000 dollars a month to pay for critical expenses since they will have lost income as a result of not working or losing their jobs. Sadly I know that the nation lacks the mental fortitude to do these things so I know that many more will continue to die, and for no good reason. Whenever I discuss the death tolls of 200,000 dead Americans, the rest of the nation simply could care less because if they were to develop an ounce of empathy, they would realize that they have nothing connecting them to each other and the idea of the American state is a failure and should be completely dismantled and destroyed because its very existence is merely to facilitate greed and gluttony, an evil sin that the people have embraced which is why their time on this planet is thankfully coming to an end. Still there is hope for those who have rejected such evil within their lives and have given over their lives to the Peace of God and to reject all the evil sins of this world shall be saved. Many Americans still do not wish to make this simple change that I have been writing about since early July. Thus, as a Christian Nihilist, I gladly stand by as they all die off as they have chosen to embrace gluttony and greed and are dying off as they deserve. Let's see what the next few weeks are in store for this evil world but I fully expect a stimulus check to be issued to each American who makes under $75,000 a year and for Trump to either resign from the presidency or simply no longer run for office and fade away into the oblivion that he created and deserves to be in.

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